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    Applying Packets Meta data for Web Usage Mining

    Third International Symposium on Innovation and Information and Communication Technology (ISIICT 2009)

    15 - 17 December 2009, Philadelphia University, Amman, Jordan


    Alaa H. AL-Hamami, Mohammad A. AL-Hamami, and Soukaena H. Hashem


    With data mining the techniques of the search engines and visitor tracking called web mining. The important task for web mining is web usage mining, which mines Web log records to discover user access patterns of Web pages. Analyzing and exploring regularities in Web log records identify potential customers for electronic commerce, enhance the quality and delivery of Internet information services to the end user, and improve Web server system performance. This research introduces a new approach for Mining Web Usage which aims to improve the mining results. For web usage mining we aim to mine the proposed added metadata of the packets in addition to the values of the header’s fields of the packets which are used in web usage. This is done by adding metadata as a new factor in web logging process. These data about data (metadata) will be added as a new attributes in web databases. Even so that will increase the number of attributes; we will treat this problem by using a suitable method for finding frequent itemsets with limited time.


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