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    Full Papers
    Short Papers, Workshops and Case Studies


    Inside Out: Dialogical Design of Digital Drama
    Mika 'Lumi' Tuomala

    The Art of Interaction
    Ernest Edmonds

    Full Papers

    Developing a physical colour input device for studying digital sketching in design
    Tero Heikkinen and Jussi Mikkonen

    A New Approach to Brainstorming: Multitouch Brainstorming
    Sophia Atzeni, Annemiek van Drunen, Aljosja Jacobs and Dirk Verhagen

    Focusing design and staging design conversations in complex settings through 'design documentary' filmmaking
    Øystein Veland and Gisle Andresen

    Magic Mirror: Exploring designing for transitions as they play out in everyday physical rehabilitation
    Naveen Bagalkot and Tomas Sokoler

    Toward Principles for Visual Interaction Design for Communicating Weight by using Pseudo-Haptic Feedback
    Kumiyo Nakakoji, Yasuhiro Yamamoto and Yasuharu Koike

    Creating Spatio-Temporal Contiguities Between Real and Virtual Rooms in an Assistive Living Environment
    Kai Kasugai, Martina Ziefle, Carsten Röcker and Peter Russell

    Art and Interaction: Some Reflections
    David England

    Moving Across the Boundaries: Visual Communication Repositioned in Support of Interaction Design
    Dave Wood

    Establishing Criteria of Rigor and Relevance in Interaction Design Research
    Daniel Fallman and Erik Stolterman

    Short Papers, Workshops and Case Studies

    Multimedia Design in the Implementation of Cultural Research
    Wen Huei Chou, Ni Jia Yang and Shih Nung Cheng

    Facing the dark side of life: The challenge of addressing users' fears in interaction design
    Victor Kaptelinin

    Describing Creativity with Card Sorting and Processing
    Shaun McWhinnie and Shaleph O'Neill

    The World is Canvas: A Painting Application for Children based on the Social Constructivism System
    Satoru Tokuhisa and Yusuke Kamiyama

    Fit for purpose? Pattern cutting and seams in wearables development
    Sarah Kettley, Tina Downes, Karen Harrigan and Martha Glazzard

    Virtual Mirror
    Néna Roa Sëiler and Ariadna Benítez Saucedo

    Designing Digital Experiences in an Analog World
    Max Zabramny

    A Case on Generative Art: Digital Poetry
    Licia Calvi and Paul Buchanan

    Rethinking Retail Experience
    Jonathan Rez

    Using participatory design methods with ubiquitous computing technologies
    Jim Wood

    Dipping 1200 toes into the pool of immersive interaction design
    Jonathan Hamilton

    Twitterido: designing for transitions in communicating through doing
    Elena Nazzi, Naveen Bagalkot and Tomas Sokoler

    Bridging the Real and the Virtual: Low and High Fidelity Tabletop Prototyping
    Dries De Roeck, Jan Derboven, Mathijs Verstraete and David Geerts

    Internet of Old Things
    Chris Speed, Maria Burke, Andrew Hudson-Smith, Angelina Karpovich, Simone O'Callaghan and Morna Simpson

    Supporting Transitions with Creative Software Engineering
    Clare J. Hooper and David E. Millard


    Community Futures: Web Tools to Empower Public Participation in Urban Development
    Dan Wandrey, Kyle Larkin and Ryan Spicer

    Design History Exhibitions: The critical interaction of people and practice
    Dr Noel Waite

    Invisible Signs
    Lawrence George Giles

    Designing a Digital Interface for Museum-Interpretation
    Blanca Acuña

    Hybrid Print Systems: Creating printed textile designs through Motion capture, Visual programming language and Digital inkject printing technology
    Devabrata Paramanik

    Poetic Communication - Compass Phone
    Hayeon Yoo

    Hapty: A haptically augmented animation tool
    Mariza Dima, John Lee and Mark Wright

    Conveying Multimodal Interaction possibilities through the use of Appearances
    Florian Weingarten, Marco Blumendorf and Sahin Albayrak

    LiveLink, interactive newspaper content
    Scott Burns

    Exploring New Intuitive Interfaces for a Natural Design Process
    Pablo Prieto

    Living in Second Life versus Acting in Flash Mob
    Aikaterini Antonopoulou

    Invisible Boundaries, visualising our personal social spaces
    Andrew O'Dowd