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    ACM-BCS Visions of Computer Science 2010

    International Academic Research Conference

    14 - 16 April 2010, The University of Edinburgh

    Follow the appropriate links below to access the papers in this conference.

    Session 1: Ubiquitous Systems
    Session 2: Theoretical Computing
    Session 3: Digital Economy
    Session 4: In the wild

    Session 1: Ubiquitous Systems

    A Population Approach to Ubicomp System Design
    Matthew Chalmers

    Spaces of Interaction
    David Benyon, Kristina Höök and Laurence Nigay

    Session 2: Theoretical Computing

    Finding Unity and Computational Logic
    Dale Miller

    Non-classical computing: feasible versus infeasible
    Paul Cockshott, Lewis Mackenzie and Greg Michaelson

    Session 3: Digital Economy

    Extending Handivote to Handle Digital Economic Decisions
    Paul Cockshott and Karen Renaud

    Multiscale not Multicore: Efficient Heterogeneous Cloud Computing
    Anil Madhavapeddy, Richard Mortier, Jon Crowcroft and Steven Hand

    Session 4: In the wild

    Simple Solutions for the Second Decade of Wireless Sensor Networking
    Michael Breza, Pedro Martins, Julie A. McCann, Evangelos Spyrou, Poonam Yadav and Shusen Yang

    A Vision for Technology-Mediated Support for Public Participation & Assistance in Mass Emergencies & Disasters
    Leysia Palen, Kenneth M. Anderson, Gloria Mark, James Martin, Douglas Sicker, Martha Palmer and Dirk Grunwald

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