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    Browse the conference papers here

    Session 1: Requirements & Project Management
    Session 2: EBSE 1
    Session 3: Global Software Development
    Session 4: Programming & Software Architectures
    Session 5: EBSE 2

    Session 1: Requirements & Project Management

    Field Study on Requirments Engineering Artefacts and Patterns
    Daniel Méndez Fernández, Stefan Wagner, Klaus Lochmann and Andrea Baumann

    Requirements Management for Continuous Software Product Development
    Mahvish Khurum, Sebastian Barney, Nina Dzamashvili Fogelström and Tony Gorschek

    Investigating effort prediction of web-based applications using CBR on the ISBSG dataset
    Sukumar Letchmunan, Marc Roper and Murray Wood

    Session 2: EBSE 1

    The value of mapping studies - A participant-observer case study
    Barbara A. Kitchenham, David Budgen and O. Pearl Brereton

    An Approach Based on Visual Text Mining to Support Categorization and Classification in the Systematic Mapping
    Katia Romera Felizardo, Elisa Yumi Nakagawa, Daniel Feitosa, Rosane Minghim and José Carlos Maldonado

    Experiences Conducting Systematic Reviews from Novices' Perspective
    Mehwish Riaz, Muhammad Sulayman, Norsaremah Salleh and Emilia Mendes

    Session 3: Global Software Development

    Evaluating Tools that Support Pair Programming in a Distributed Engineering Environment
    Dietmar Winkler, Stefan Biffl and Andreas Kaltenbach

    Alignment of Software Product Quality Goals in Two Outsourcing Relationships
    Sebastian Barney, Claes Wohlin

    Models and Tools for Managing Distributed Software Development: A Systematic Literature Review
    Catarina Costa, Camila Cunha, Rodrigo Rocha, A. César C. França, Fabio Q. B da Silva and Rafael Prikladnicki

    Software Development Outsourcing Relationships Trust: A Systematic Literature Review Protocol
    Siffat Ullah Khan, Mahmood Niazi, and Naveed Ikram

    Session 4: Programming & Software Architectures

    The Effect of Reasoning Strategies on Success in Early Learning of Programming: Lessons Learned from an External Experiment Replication
    A. César C. França, Paulo R. M. da Cunha and Fabio Q. B. da Silva

    Identifying Architectural Patterns Used in Open Source Software: Approaches and Challenges
    Klaas-Jan Stol, Paris Avgeriou and Muhammad Ali Babar

    A Controlled Experiment on Team Meeting Style in Software Architecture Evaluation
    Dietmar Winkler, Stefan Biffl and Christoph Seemann

    Session 5: EBSE 2

    On Searching Relevant Studies in Software Engineering
    He Zhang and Muhammad Ali Babar

    A Systematic Review of Research on Open Source Software in Commercial Software Product Development
    Martin Höst and Alma Orucevic-Algic

    SCRUM and Productivity in Software Projects: A Systematic Literature Review
    Eliza S. F. Cardozo, J. Benito F. Araújo Neto, Alexandre Barza, A. César C. França and Fabio Q. B. da Silva

    Towards an Evidence-Based Understanding of Electronic Data Sources
    Lianipng Chen, Muhammad Ali Babar and He Zhang