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    India HCI 2010/ IDID 2010

    India HCI 2010/ Interaction Design & International Development 2010
    20 - 24 March 2010
    Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Mumbai, India

    Follow the appropriate links below to access the papers in this conference.

    It's not just Illiteracy
    Indrani Medhi, Ed Cutrell and Kentaro Toyama

    Principles for Simplifying Translation of Marathi Terms in Mobile Phones
    Nikhil Welankar, Anirudha Joshi and Kirti Kanitkar

    Roles and Responsibilities in agile ICT for Development
    Andy Dearden, Haider Rizvi and Subodh Gupta

    Why Designers Do a PhD?
    Anirudha Joshi

    Conspeakous VoiGen: Creating Context-Aware Voicesites
    Kumar Sambhav Jain, Prabodh Prakash, Nitendra Rajput and Amit A. Nanavati

    Design of Serious Games for Students with Intellectual Disability
    Cecilia Sik Lanyi and David Joseph Brown

    Devanagari Character Recognition towards natural Human-Computer Interaction
    Pulkit Goyal, Sapan Diwakar and Anupam Agrawal

    Map-based interaction for inputting in Mobile phones

    Atish Patel and Ishneet Grover

    Krishi-Mitra: Case Study of a User-centric ICT Solution for Semi-literate and Illiterate Farmers in India
    Rajasee Rege and Shubhada Nagarkar

    GoFish: Fishing Thousand Words Worth a Picture
    Rohit Ashok Khot and Kannan Srinathan

    Understanding Mobile Usage in Rural India - '09
    Milind Kaduskar, Vineeth Nair and Anoop Ashok

    CelGuider: A Low-cost Accessible Geographical Tagging System
    Thais Melo and Joyojeet Pal

    Moodgroove - Creative expression to your mood
    Suraj Hattangadi and Mahalakshmi Viswanathan and Suyog Deshpande
    Yahoo! Digits: A Design Driven to Provide Instant 'Data Driven Insights' and its Use in User Experience Design
    Abhishek Kumar

    Localising HCI Practice for Local Needs
    Andy Smith, Liam Bannon and Jan Gulliksen