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    Browse the conference papers here

    Invited Speaker Talks

    The computerisation of information: The challenges and the pitfalls (PDF)
    Prof. Fairouz Kamareddine (Heriot-Watt University, Scotland)

    Resource Management and Trust in On-Demand Computing (PDF)
    Prof. Odej Kao (Technical University Berlin, Germany)

    Session 1: Data Mining & Web Information Retrieval
    Session 2: Software Engineering
    Session 3: Performance Evaluation
    Session 4: Computer Security
    Session 5: Information Systems & ERP
    Session 6: E-applications
    Session 7: Diagnosis and Image Processing Applications

    Session 1: Data Mining & Web Information Retrieval

    Survey on Ontology learning from Web and open issues
    Nesrine Ben Mustapha, and Hajer Baazaoui Zghal, Marie-Aude Aufaure, and Henda Ben Ghezala

    Combining Evidence with Logic and Preferences to Learn Relations from Structured Few Sparse Textual Data
    Nadia Zerida and Khaldoun Zreik

    Applying Packets Meta data for Web Usage Mining
    Alaa H. AL-Hamami, Mohammad A. AL-Hamami, and Soukaena H. Hashem

    Session 2: Software Engineering

    Design improvement through dynamic and Structural pattern identification
    Nadia Bouassida and Hanene Ben-Abdallah

    Software Evolution and Natural Processes: A Taxonomy of Approaches
    Labiba Souici-Meslati, Djamel Meslati and Seifeddine Mili

    Modeling and Verification of Real-Time Embedded Systems
    Mustapha Bourahla

    WS-UML: A UML Profile for Web Service Applications
    Dhikra Kchaou, Nadia Bouassida, and Hanene Ben-Abdallah

    Session 3: Performance Evaluation

    Derivation of an Analytical Model for Evaluating the Performance of a Multi-Queue Nodes Network Router
    Hussein Al-Bahadili, Jafar Ababneh and Fadi Thabtah

    Session 4: Computer Security

    Evaluation Technique in the Spicalculus for Cryptographic Protocols
    Hasan Al-Refai

    Security Measures in Wired and Wireless Networks
    Anthony C. Ijeh, Allan J. Brimicombe, David S. Preston, and Chris Imafidon

    Session 5: Information Systems & ERP

    Validating The IS-Impact Model At Queensland University Of Technology (QUT): Part A
    Ahmad A. Rabaa'I
    Identifying Critical Success Factors of ERP Systems at the Higher Education Sector
    Ahmad A. Rabaa'I

    Session 6: E-applications

    An Exploratory Study of the Drivers of E-Business Value Creation in the Jordanian Banking Sector
    Ali. A. Alawneh and Samer Hanna

    G2C Acceptance in Malaysia: Trust, Perceived Risk and Political Efficacy
    Ramlah Hussein, Norshidah Mohamed, Abdul Rahman Ahlan, Murni Mahmud and Umar Aditiawarman

    Applying E-marketing Methodologies In The Mobile Industry: The Case of Orange - Jordan
    Rania A. Bakeir, Emad Abu-Shanab and Shadi Al Biss

    Session 7: Diagnosis and Image Processing Applications

    Exploiting P-invariant analysis for distributed systems diagnosis based on interacting behavioral Petri nets
    Hammadi Bennoui, Allaoua Chaoui and Kamel Barkaoui

    Data based Ontology Construction Coupled to Expert System for Steam Turbine Aided Diagnostic
    Klai Sihem and Khadir Med Tarek
    A Multi-Agent System for Image Segmentation A Bio-Inspired Approach
    Safia Djemame, Mabrouk Nekkache and Mohammed Batouche