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    Third BCS-IRSG Symposium on Future Directions in Information Access (FDIA 2009)

    Padua, Italy, 1 September 2009

    In 2007, the first BCS-IRSG Symposium on Future Directions in Information Access was established to provide a forum for early career researchers to present, share and discuss research which is at a more formative or tentative stage. The symposium was run in conjunction with the sixth European Summer School in Information Retrieval (ESSIR) which was held in Glasgow. The second symposium was held in London, UK in September, 2008 and now the symposium is in its third year and again collocated with this year’s ESSIR in Padua, Italy.

    Symposium Aims

    The objectives of the Symposium on the Future Directions in Information Access (FDIA) are:

    • To provide an accessible forum for early researchers (particularly PhD students, and researchers new to the field) to share and discuss their research.
    • To create and foster formative and tentative research ideas.
    • To encourage discussion and debate about new future directions.

    Symposium Themes

    Why Future Directions? To encourage research that focuses on the potential research lines and paths that can and are being developed, where work presenting the, what if scenarios, possible solutions, pilot studies, conceptual and theoretical work is promoted and discussed.

    Why Information Access? To capture the broader ideas of information retrieval, storage and management to include interaction and usage.

    Sponsor: BCS-IRSG (Information Retrieval Specialist Group)

    Full Synopsis - Papers