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    Session 1: Stochastic modeling and analysis
    Session 2: Control synthesis and optimization
    Session 3: Verification
    Session 4: Verification

    Session 1: Stochastic modeling and analysis

    Proposition and evaluation of a novel routing protocol for wireless sensor networks
    Samira Yessad, Louiza Bouallouche and Djamil Aissani

    A Tool to Model Traffic Aggregation in Networks of Reconfigurable Optical ADD/DROP Multiplexers
    J M Fourneau, N Izri and D Verchère

    Strong and Weak orderings for an accurate resource dimensioning
    Hind Castel-Taleb and Nihal Pekergin

    Session 2: Control synthesis and optimization

    Modeling complex systems with VeriJ
    Yan Zhang, Béatrice Bérard, Lom Messan Hillah, Fabrice Kordon and Yann Thierry-Mieg

    Scheduling and Control Modeling of HVLV Systems Using Max-Plus Algebra
    Imed Nasri, Georges Habchi and Reda Boukezzoula

    A Mathematical Model for Cyclic Scheduling with Limited Work-In-Process and Cycle Time Minimization
    Mohammed Amin Ben Amar, Hervé Camus and Ouajdi Korbara

    An Iterative Approach for the Satisfaction of Security Using the Intransitive Non-Interference Property
    Achraf Ben Said, Nejib Ben Hadj-Alouane, Moez Yeddes, Feng Lin

    Session 3: Verification

    LTL Translation Improvements in Spot
    A Duret-Lutz

    Invariant Relations: An Automated Tool to Analyze Loops
    Asma Louhichi, Olfa Mraihi, Wided Ghardallou, Lamia Labed Jilani, Khaled Bsaies and Ali Mili

    Modelling and Verification of JXTA peer-to-peer Network Protocols
    Yannick L Kala Konga, Karim Djouani and Guillaume Noel

    Building SystemC waiting state automata
    Nesrine Harrath, Bruno Monsuez and Joëlle Delacroix

    Session 4: Verification

    Using Sequence Diagrams to Specify and to Generate RTL Assertions
    Martin Schweikert, Tobias Dornes and Hans Eveking

    On Formalizing UML2 Activities Using TPNets: Case Studies
    Sabine Boufenara, Kamel Barkaoui, Faiza Belala and Hanifa Boucheneb

    Safety Implementation of Adaptive Embedded Control Components
    Atef Gharbi, Mohammed Khalgui and Samir Ben Ahmed

    Toward a rewriting logic framework for safe and distributed component installation
    Meriem Belguidoum, Faiza Belala and Fateh Latreche