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    iUBICOM '11: The 6th International Workshop on Ubiquitous and Collaborative Computing

    In conjunction with the 25th BCS Conference on Human Computer Interaction (HCI 2011)

    Northumbria University, Newcastle, 4 July 2011

    Follow the appropriate links below to access the papers in this conference.

    Google+Facebook: A Social-Network-Optimized Web Search Approach
    Yuqing Mao, Haifeng Shen and Chengzheng Sun

    Semi-automatic Semantic Annotation Tool for Digital Music
    Fazilatur Rahman and Jawed Siddiqi

    Enhancing Wikipedia with Semantic Technologies
    Lian Hoy Lee, Christof Lutteroth and Geral Weber

    An Ambient Intelligent Framework for Residential Monitoring of Dementia Patients using Fuzzy Agents
    Faiyaz Doctor, Rahat Iqbal and Raouf N.G. Naguib

    Local-Global Optical Flow for Image Registration
    Ammar Zayouna, Richard Comley and Daming Shi

    The Design and Implementation of the Smartphone-based GroupNotes App for Ubiquitous and Collaborative Learning
    Mark Reilly and Haifeng Shen

    Unobtrusive Student Collaboration during Lectures with Smartphones
    Mark Reilly and Haifeng Shen

    Software Developers' Information Needs: Towards the Development of Intelligent Recommender Systems
    Adam Grzywaczewski, Rahat Iqbal, Anne James and John Halloran

    An Online Framework for Supporting the Evaluation of Personalised Information Retrieval Systems
    Catherine Mulwa, Luca Longo, Séamus Lawless, Mary Sharp and Vincent Wade

    Agile Strategic Information Systems based on Axiomatic Agent Architecture
    Babak Akhgar, Easmaeil Salahi Parvin and Mohammad Hussein Sherkat

    The role of socialization in Knowledge management in virtual teams
    Artemis Akhgar and Aryan Gholipour

    Applying knowledge extracted from communicating with customers in Mass Customization process: the role of Human-Computer Interaction
    Ali Atashi and Mahsa Parvini

    Knowledge Management infrastructure for Governmental Ubiquitous Services
    Mohammad Hassanzadeh, Babak Akhgar and Simeon Yates