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    Browse the conference papers here

    Session 1: Wireless Networks
    Session 2: Timed Systems & Model Checking
    Session 3: Control & Dependability
    Session 4: Model & System Design

    Session 1: Wireless Networks

    Optimal Sensors Placement for Failures Detection and Isolation
    Sabrina Abid and Pr. Hafid Haffaf

    Confidentiality in the UMTS Radio Access Network Simulation approach under OPNET
    Said El Hajji and Ghizlane Orhanou

    Discrete Events Simulator for wireless sensor networks
    Fouzi Semchedine, Louiza Bouallouche-Medjkoune, Sofiane Moad, Rafik Makhloufi and Djamil Aïssani

    Orthogonal and Non-orthogonal Cooperative protocols in WLANs
    Jun Chen, Karim Djouani and Kamel Barkaoui

    Session 2: Timed Systems & Model Checking

    Specification and Verification of Real-Time Systems using the POLA tool
    Florent Peres, Pierre-Emmanuel Hladik and François Vernadat

    Distributed CTL Model-Checking and counterexample search
    M.C. Boukala and L. Petrucci

    Timed SystemC Waiting-State Automata
    Nesrine Harrath and Bruno Monsuez

    Session 3: Control & Dependability

    Improving Testbench Evaluation using Normalized Formal Properties
    Martin Oberkönig, Martin Schickel and Hans Eveking

    Dependability Evaluation of Complex Embedded Systems and Microsystems
    O. Malassé, G. Buchheit, K. Hamidi, M. Pock, H. Belhadaoui, M. Walter and J.F. Aubry

    Controller Synthesis by Petri Nets Modelling
    Abbas Dideban and Hassane Alla

    Session 4: Model & System Design

    Validating time-constrained systems using UML Statecharts Patterns and Timed Automata Observers
    Ahmed Mekki, Mohammed Ghazel and Armand Toguyeni

    A generic formal model for fission of modalities in output multi-modal interactive systems
    Linda Mohand Oussaïd, Yasmine Aït Ameur and Mohammed Ahmed Nacer