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    13th International Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering (EASE)

    Durham University, UK, 20 - 21 April 2009

    The International Conference on Evaluation & Assessment in Software Engineering (EASE) offers a forum for discussion and exchange of experiences among researchers who present their research results and discuss issues related to empirical and evaluation studies. The conference aims to provide a workshop-like atmosphere in which papers can be presented and then time is allowed for constructive discussion of their results and processes.

    This year's edition has been organised by the Department of Computer Science (http://www.dur.ac.uk/computer.science/) and hosted by Grey College, both in Durham University, UK (http://www.dur.ac.uk/grey.college/).

    The event includes two keynote speeches held by internationally leading researchers: Prof. Magne Jørgensen, Research Scientist at Simula Research Laboratory Norway, and Prof. John McDermid, Department of Computer Science, The University of York UK.

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