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    Visions of Computer Science - BCS International Academic Conference

    Imperial College, London, UK - 22 - 24 September 2008

    The BCS launched its first international academic conference, intended as a major international event to take place in the UK. This year's theme was 'Visions of Computer Science'. Our aim was to establish the pattern of a high-quality wide-spectrum UK-based conference, with a strong international profile. Moreover, to energise the UK community and bring it together around positive and inspiring visions of our discipline.

    Keynote speakers included the following ACM Turing Award Winners: Fran Allen, Vint Cerf, Tony Hoare, Dick Karp, Robin Milner, Michael Rabin, Joseph Sifakis.

    Invited speakers included Andrew Campbell - Dartmouth College, Steve Furber - The University of Manchester, Laurie Hendren - McGill University Canada, Nicholas Jennings - University of Southampton, Stephen Muggleton - Imperial College London, Brigitte Plateau - IMAG France, Moshe Vardi - RICE University Texas.

    Full synopsis - Organisers - Editors - Papers