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    Volume 1

    People and Computers XXII
    Culture, Creativity, Interaction

    Proceedings of HCI 2008
    The 22nd British HCI Group Annual Conference
    Liverpool John Moores University, UK.

    1 - 5 September 2008

    Follow the appropriate links below to access the papers in this session.

    Visual Experience
    Assistive Technology
    Sense Making I
    Sense Making II
    Demanding Tasks


    Cultural Dimensions for User Experience: Cross-Country and Cross-Product Analysis of Users' Cultural Characteristics
    Inseong Lee, Gi Woong Choi, Jinwoo Kim, Solyung Kim, Kiho Lee, Daniel Kim, Myunghee Han & Seung Yong Park

    Wave Like an Egyptian - Accelerometer Based Gesture Recognition for Culture Specific Interactions
    Matthias Rehm, Nikolaus Bee & Elisabeth André

    Disclosing Spoken Culture: User Interfaces for Access to Spoken Word Archives
    Willemijn Heeren & Franciska de Jong

    Visual Experience

    Effect of Fidelity in Diagram Presentation
    Louise Yeung, Beryl Plimmer, Brenda Lobb & Douglas Elliffe

    Designing a Head-Up Game for Children
    Koen Hendrix, Guo Yang, Dirk van de Mortel, Tim Tijs & Panos Markopoulos

    From Immersion to Addiction in Videogames
    May-li Seah & Paul Cairns

    Assistive Technology

    An Apartment-based Metaphor for Intuitive Interaction with Ambient Assisted Living Applications
    Sebastian Adam, Kizito Ssamula, Kai Breiner & Marcus Trapp

    Designing for Elders: Exploring the Complexity of Relationships in Later Life
    Siân E. Lindley, Richard Harper & Abigail Sellen


    Heterogeneity in the Usability Evaluation Process
    Martin Schmettow

    An Investigation into the use of Field Methods in the Design and Evaluation of Interactive Systems
    Kelly Monahan, Mia Lahteenmaki, Sharon McDonald & Gilbert Cockton


    Strategies and Struggles with Privacy in an Online Social Networking Community
    Katherine Strater & Heather Richter Lipford

    Influencing Users Towards Better Passwords: Persuasive Cued Click-Points
    Sonia Chiasson, Alain Forget, Robert Biddle & P.C. van Oorschot

    Sense Making I

    Location-based Photography as Sense-making
    Chris Baber, James Cross, Tariq Khaleel & Russell Beale

    The Roles of Time, Place, Value and Relationships in Collocated Photo Sharing with Camera Phones
    Hanna Stelmaszewska, Bob Fields & Ann Blandford

    Sense Making II

    Cueing Digital Memory: How and Why do Digital Notes Help Us Remember?
    Vaiva Kalnikaité & Steve Whittaker

    Sonic Gems: Exploring the Potential of Audio Recording as a Form of Sentimental Memory Capture
    Gerard Oleksik & Lorna M. Brown

    Effects of Low & High Literacy on User Performance in Information Search and Retrieval
    Neesha Kodagoda & B. L. William Wong

    Demanding Tasks

    Assessing the Benefits of Multimodal Feedback on Dual-Task Performance under Demanding Conditions
    Ju-Hwan Lee & Charles Spence

    Evaluating Driver Attention and Driving Behaviour: Comparing Controlled Driving and Simulated Driving
    Kenneth M. Bach, Mads G Jæger, Mikael B. Skov & Nils G. Thomassen

    HCI 2008: People and Computers XXII Culture, Creativity, Interaction (cover)

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