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    Buddhist stone scriptures from Shandong, China
    Matthias Arnold

    Choreographic morphologies: digital visualisation of spatio-temporal structure in dance and the implications for performance and documentations
    Helen Bailey, James Hewison and Martin Turner

    Emotional interfaces in performing arts: the Callas project
    Massimo Bertoncini and Irene Buonazia

    'Shan-Shui-Hua' - traditional Chinese landscape painting reinterpreted as moving digital visualisation
    Christin Bolewski

    Analyzing a conductors gestures with the Wiimote
    David Bradshaw and Kia Ng

    A new information system for the superintendence of Pompeii: integration, management and preservation of archaeological digital resources in the perspective of interoperability with European digital libraries
    Rony Cesana, Maria Masci and Andrea Vecchi

    Artlog: archiving the artistic process
    Yvonne Desmond, John McAuley, Evin McCarthy, Ciaran McDonnell, Charles Pritchard and Pat Donlon

    Prometheus - the distributed digital image archive for research and education goes international!
    Lisa Dieckmann

    The trace and the gaze: textural agency in Rembrandt's late portraiture from a vision science perspective
    Steve DiPaola

    Computer art and technocultures: evaluating the V & A's collections in the digital age
    Douglas Dodds

    Online encounters: a new method of creating participatory art
    Rebecca Gamble

    Redesigning architecture through photography
    Murat Germen

    Making music with images: interactive audiovisual performance systems for the deaf
    Mick Grierson

    Visualized arguments: or how to pierce the persuasive visualization and other arguments
    Rachel Hann

    3D colour scans for object assessment
    Mona Hess, Francesca Simon Millar, Yean-Hoon Ong, Stuart Robson, Graeme Were, Ian Brown and Sally MacDonald

    Beyond graphs or charts: visualising web statistics with natural displays in physical space
    Michael Hohl

    Envisioning everyday life: explorations of visualization techniques in Taiwan
    Wei-Kuang Liu

    Film as database: a visual analysis of 2001: A Space Odyssey
    Peter Maloney

    The Middleton Mystery: an adventure at Belsay Hall' interpreting heritage through the design and development of a computer game
    Lynne Minett and Carl Gavin

    Testing the living canvas on stage
    Martin Naef and Cathie Boyd

    Technology-enhanced learning for music with i-Maestro framework and tools
    Kia Ng

    Hearing images: interactive sonification interface for images
    Charles O'Neill and Kia Ng

    The other world: a fictional orbit
    Tim O'Riley

    Haute Couture, Haute Cuisine, Haute Games
    Maggie Parker, Clive Fencott and Paul van Schaik

    'Unrealart' A new medium for artistic expression using a commercial game engine: galleries and installations
    Colin Price

    New literacy, new audiences: social media and cultural institutions
    Angela Russo and Jerry Watkins

    Learning and enquiry via collections in real and virtual worlds
    Janet Tatlock, Jolene Debert and Samantha Lackey

    Narrating the past: virtual environments and narrative
    Roma Patel and Deborah Tuck

    Designing interactive multimedia heritage content for mobile and small screen devices
    Deborah Wilson and Mike Wilman

    Visualization techniques in video games
    Veronica Zammitto