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    Browse the conference papers here

    Impact of Experience and Team Size on the Quality of Scenarios for Architecture Evaluation
    Stefan Biffl, Muhammad Ali Babar, Dietmar Winkler

    An Evaluation of Function Point Counting Based on Measurement-Oriented Models
    Vieri del Biano, Claudio Gentile, Luigi Lavazza

    Maximizing data retention from the ISBSG repository
    Kefu Deng and Stephen G. MacDonell

    Comparing Inspection Methods using Controlled Experiments
    Andrea De Lucia, Fausto Fasano, Giuseppe Scanniello, Genoveffa Tortora

    Using a Protocol Template for Case Study Planning
    Pearl Brereton, Barbara Kitchenham, David Budgen, Zhi Li

    Flexibility in Research Designs in Empirical Software Engineering
    Vigdis By Kampenes, Bente Anda, Tore Dybå

    Empirical WebGen; A Web-Based Environment for the Automatic Generation of Surveys and Experiments
    Francisco Novillo, Fèlix Garcia, Elvira Rolòn, Francisco Ruiz, Mario Piattini

    Systematic Mapping Studies in Software Engineering
    Kai Petersen, Robert Feldt, Shahid Mujtaba, Michael Mattsson

    A follow-up empirical evaluation of evidence based software engineering by undergraduate students
    Austen Rainer and Sarah Beecham

    Lessons from a cross domain investigation of empirical practices
    David Budgen, John Bailey, Mark Turner, Barbara Kitchenham, Pearl Brereton, Stuart Charters

    Patterns of Evolution in the Practice of Distributed Software Development: Quantitative Results from a Systematic Review
    Rafael Prikladnicki, Daniela Damian, Jorge Lis Nicolas Audy

    Lessons learnt Undertaking a Large-scale Systematic Literature Review
    Mark Turner, Barbara Kitchenham, David Budgen, Pearl Brereton

    Adopting Curvilinear Component Analysis to Improve Software Cost Estimation
    Accuracy Model, Application Strategy, and an Experimental Verification

    Salvatore A. Sarcia, Giovanni Cantone and Victor R. Basili

    A Preliminary Study of Sequence Effects in Judgment-based Software Development Work-Effort Estimation
    Stein Grimstad and Magne Jørgensen

    Investigating the Use of Chronological Splitting to Compare Software
    Cross-company and Single-company Effort Predictions

    Chris Lokan and Emilia Mendes

    Evaluating Structural Criteria for Testing Mobile Code
    Márcio E. Delamaro, Auri Marcelo Rizzo Vincenzi and José Carlos Maldonado

    Assessment of a Framework for Designing and Evaluating Security Sensitive Architecture
    Muhammad Ali Babar

    A Correlational Study on Four Measures of Requirements Volatility
    Annabella Loconsole