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    FACS 2007 Christmas Workshop: Formal Methods in Industry

    BCS London, UK, 17 December 2007

    This Electronic Workshop in Computing (eWiC) proceedings contains selected papers from the workshop on Formal Methods in Industry, held in London, UK, and organised under the auspices of the BCS Formal Aspects of Computing Science (FACS) Specialist Group. The workshop, organised by Paul Boca, Jonathan Bowen and Peter Gorm Larsen, was inspired by the very successful and well-attended Industry Day event at the FM05 conference. The FACS workshop dovetails well with the subsequent Industry Day at FM08, which Peter Gorm Larsen is also co-chairing.

    This conference was sponsored by:

    FM Europe
    EPSRC VSR-net network
    BCS Engineering Technology Forum

    Full Synopsis - Editors - Papers