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    Volume 1

    People and Computers XXI
    HCI...but not as we know it

    Proceedings of HCI 2007
    The 21st British HCI Group Annual Conference
    University of Lancaster, UK.

    3 - 7 September 2007

    Follow the appropriate links below to access the papers in this session.

    Creative and Aesthetic Experiences
    Everyday Interaction
    Communicating and Sharing Experiences
    Mobile and Remote Interaction
    Tracking Usability Issues
    From Theory to Techique
    HCI: Surveying the Domain
    Extending HCI

    Creative and Aesthetic Experiences

    Docile Avatars: Aesthetics, Experience, and Sexual Interaction in Second Life
    Shaowen Bardzell & Jeffrey Bardzell

    Encouraging Witting Participation and Performance in Digital Live Art
    Jennifer G. Sheridan, Nick Bryan-Kinns & Alice Bayliss

    Creativity Support: Insights from the Practices of Digital-Atomic Artists
    R. T. Jim Eales & Dharami Perera

    Everyday Interaction

    Usability is the Best Policy: Public Policy and the Lived Experience of Transport Systems in London
    Philip Inglesant & M. Angela Sasse

    A Card-Sorting Probe of E-Banking Trust Perceptions
    Tim French, Kecheng Liu & Mark Springett

    Multiple Carets, Multiple Screens and Multi-Tasking: New Behaviours with Multiple Computers
    Russell Beale & William Edmondson

    Communicating and Sharing Experiences

    eKISS: Sharing Experiences in Families Through a Picture Blog
    Thomas Daslgaard, Mikael B.Skov & Bo Ramsdahl Thomassen

    "The Devil You Know Knows Best": How Online Recommendations can Benefit from Social Networking
    Philip Bonhard, M. Angela Sassa & Clare Harries

    Mobile and Remote Interaction

    Investigating Microphone Efficacy for Facilitation of Mobile Speech-Based Data Entry
    Joanna Lumsden, Irina Kondratova & Scott Durling

    A Technique for Incorporating Dynamic Paths in Lab-Based Mobile Evaluations
    Murray Crease, Jo Lumsden & Bob Longworth

    Exploring Potential Usability Gaps when Switching Mobile Phones: An Empirical Study
    Aiko Fallas Yamashita, Wolmet Barendregt & Morten Fjeld

    Tracking Usability Issues

    Indentifying Web Usability Problems from Eye-Tracking Data
    Claudia Ehmke & Stephanie Wilson

    Cueing Retrospective Verbal Reports in Usability Testing Through Eye-Movement Replay
    Nicola Eger, Linden J. Ball, Robert Stevens & Jon Dodd

    Experiences with Structured Interviewing of Children During Usability Tests
    Arnold Vermeeren, Mathilde M. Bekker, Ilse E. H. van Kesteren & Huib de Ridder

    ExpECT: An Expanded Error Categorisation Method for Text Input
    Akiyo Kano, Janet C. Read, Alan Dix & I. Scott MacKenzie

    From Theory to Technique

    Using Formal Models to Design User Interfaces: A Case Study
    Judy Bowen & Steve Reeves

    Agile Human-Centered Software Engineering
    Thomas Memmel, Fredrik Gundelsweiler & Harald Reiterer

    A Case Study of How User Interface Sketches, Scenarios and Computer Prototypes Structure Stakeholder Meetings
    Maria Johansson & Mattias Arvola

    HCI: Surveying the Domain

    A Survey on Common Practice in Designing Audio in the User Interface
    Christopher Frauenberger, Tony Stockman & Marie-Luce Bourget

    HCI... not as it should be: Inferential Statistics in HCI Research
    Paul Cairns

    Extending HCI

    A Toolkit Approach to Sketched Diagram Recognition
    Beryl Plimmer & Isaac Freeman

    Using Hierarchies to Support Non-Visual Access to Relational Diagrams
    Oussama Metatla, Nick Bryan-Kinns & Tony Stockman

    Inspiring Design: The Use of Photo Elicitation and Lomography in Gaining the Child's Perspective
    Lynne Hall, Susan Jones, Marc Hall, Joanne Richardson & John Hodgson

    HCI 2007 People and Computers XXI HCI...but not as we know it (Book cover)

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