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    Volume 2

    People and Computers XXI
    HCI...but not as we know it

    Proceedings of HCI 2007
    The 21st British HCI Group Annual Conference
    University of Lancaster, UK.

    3 - 7 September 2007

    Follow the appropriate links below to access the papers in this session.

    Short Papers
    Student Papers
    Interactive Experience
    Organisational Overview
    HCI Practice Day
    Doctoral Consortium

    Short Papers

    Blogs, Reflective Practice and Student-Centered Learning
    Russell Beale

    Erotic Life as a New Frontier in HCI
    Olav W. Bertelsen & Marianne Graves Petersen

    An Empirical Investigation into Dual-Task Trade-offs while Driving and Dialing
    Duncan P. Brumby, Dario D. Salvucci & Andrew Howes

    Habitats: A Simple Way to Bridge Artifacts, Professions, and Theories in Ubiquitous Design
    Martin Brynskov & Gunnar Kramp

    Lessons Learned Implementing an Educational System in Second Life
    Richard Stephen Clavering & Andrew Robert Nicols

    Learning Beans: Design, Implementation and Evaluation
    Fintan Culwin

    Designing for Appropriation
    Alan Dix

    Evaluating Advanced Interaction Techniques for Navigating Google Earth
    Emmanuel Dubois, Philippe Truillet & Cédric Bach

    Envisioning Future Mobile Spatial Applications
    Peter Fröhlich, Rainer Simon, Elisabeth Muss, Andrea Stepan & Peter Reichl

    Thanks for the Memory
    Richard Harper, Dave Randall, Nicky Smyth, Carwyn Evans, Lisa Heledd & Robin Moore

    Automatic vs. Manual Multi-Display Configuration: A Study of User Performance in a Semi-Cooperative Task Setting
    Thomas Heider & Thomas Kirste

    Head-Shaped Tangible Interface for Affective Expression
    Christian Jacquemin

    Expert Habits vs. UI Improvements: Re-Design of a Room Booking System
    Per A. Jonasson, Morten Fjeld & Aiko Fallas Yamashita

    GazeSpace: Eye Gaze Controlled Content Spaces
    Sven Laqua, Shane Udaraka Bandara & Angela Sasse

    Contextualizing the Blogosphere: A Comparison of Traditional and Novel User Interfaces of the Web
    Sven Laqua, Nnamdi Ogbechie & Angela Sasse

    Bluetooth Friendly Names: Bringing Classic HCI Questions into the Mobile Space
    Barry Lavelle, Daragh Byrne, Gareth J. F. Jones & Alan F. Smeaton

    Investigating the Usability of PDAs with Ageing Users
    Sheila McCarthy, Heather Sayers & Paul McKevitt

    ALT Text and Basic Accessibility
    Tom McEwan & Ben Weerts

    Calling Time: An Effective and Affective Evaluation of Two Versions of the MIT Beer Game
    Nicola Millard & Rosalind Britton

    Overcoming the Distance between Friends
    Johanna Renny Octavia, Elise van den Hoven & Hans De Mondt

    Validating the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) Tool Cross-Culturally
    Lidia Oshlyansky, Paul Cairns & Harold Thimbleby

    Voice Art: Investigating Paralinguistic Voice as a Mode of Interaction to Create Visual Art
    Dharami Perera, R. T. Jim Eales & Kathy Blashki

    Interaction Design in the Wild
    Dorothy Rachovides, David Frohlich & Maxine Frank

    Meaningful Personalization at a Self-Service Kiosk
    Jamie Sands, Graham Johnson, David Benyon & Gregory Leplatre

    A Pattern-Based Usability Inspection Method: First Empirical Performance Measures and Future Issues
    Martin Schmettow & Sabine Niebuhr

    Usability - Not as we know it!
    Paula Alexandra Silva & Alan Dix

    Names and Reference in User Interfaces
    Harold Thimbleby & Michael Harrison

    Internalist and Externalist HCI
    Harold Thimbleby & Will Thimbleby

    Designing Educational Software Inline with the Creative Learning Process: Just how Important is the Preparation Phase?
    Sylvia Truman

    Is an Apology Enough? How to Resolve Trust Breakdowns in Episodic Online Interactions

    Asimina Vasalou, Astrid Hopfensitz & Jeremy Pitt

    Use Study on a Home Video Editing System

    Hans Weda & Marco Campanella

    Student Papers

    Visualising Bluetooth Interactions: Combining the Arc Diagram and DocuBurst Techniques
    Daragh Byrne, Barry Lavelle, Gareth J. F. Jones & Alan F. Smeaton

    Breaking the Campus Bubble: Informed, Engaged, Connected
    Nick Day, Corina Sas, Alan Dix, Mokoko Toma, Chris Bevan & Dave Clare

    Teaching Severely Autistic Children to Recognise Emotions: Finding a Methodology
    Salima Elzouki, Marc Fabri & David Moore

    MARPLE Investigates: An 'Adversarial' Approach to Evaluating User Experience
    Jane Holt & Simon Lock

    Designing for Photolurking
    Haliyana Khalid & Alan Dix

    Mapping the Demographies of Virtual Humans
    Rabia Khan & Antonella De Angeli

    Design in Evaluation: Reflections on Designing for Children's Technology
    Emanuela Mazzone, Diana Xu & Janet Read


    How Effective is it to Design by Voice?
    Mohammad Alsuraihi & Dimitris Rigas

    Ten Emotion Heuristics: Guidelines for Assessing the User's Affective Dimension Easily and Cost-Effectively
    Eva de Lera & Muriel Garreta-Domingo

    Challenges of Evaluating the Information Visualization Experience
    Sarah Faisal, Paul Cairns & Ann Blandford

    Mental Health Issues and Pervasive Computing
    David Haniff

    Interaction Manifolds: Theory from Experiments
    Cecily Morrison & Alan Blackwell

    Interactive Experience

    The Emotion Sampling Device (ESD)
    Linda Hole & Oliver Williams

    Clever Tracking User Behaviour over the Web: Enabling Researchers to Respect the User
    Evdokiya Ignatova & Willem-Paul Brinkman


    HCI 2.0? Usability meets Web 2.0
    Alan Dix & Laura Cowen

    A Conference Panel - but not as we know it!
    Tom McEwan, Nick Bryan-Kinns, David England, Janet Finlay & Eamonn O'Neill

    Organisational Overviews

    HCI and Creative Problem-Solving at Lancaster
    Tom Ormerod, Linden Ball, Alan Dix & Corina Sas

    Introducing the Companions Project: Intelligent, Persistent, Personalised Interfaces to the Internet
    David Benyon & Oli Mival


    3rd International Workshop on Ubiquitous and Collaborative Computing (iUBICOM)
    Rahat Iqbal & Jacques Terken

    2nd International Workshop on Formal Methods for Interactive Systems
    Paul Curzon & Antonio Cerone

    Design, Use and Experience of E-Learning Systems
    Willem-Paul Brinkman, Annette Payne, Nayna Patel, Darren Griffin & Joshua Underwood

    Usability of User Interfaces: From Monomodal to Multimodal
    Silvia Abrahão & Jean Vanderdonckt

    Designing for Attention (2)
    Mary Zajicek & Claudia Roda

    Towards a UX Manifesto
    Effie Lai-Chong Law, Arnold P.O.S. Vermeeren, Marc Hassenzahl & Mark Blythe

    Designing Human Centered Technologies for the Developing World: HCI but not as we know it
    Rose Luckin, Lynne Dunckley & Andrew M. Dearden

    The End of Cognition?
    Phil Turner

    Emotion in HCI
    Christian Peter, Russell Beale, Elizabeth Crane & Lesley Axelrod

    From HCI to Media Experience: Methodological Implications
    Elizabeth F. Churchill & Jeffrey Bardzell

    Supporting Human Memory with Interactive Systems
    Denis Lalanne & Elise van den Hoven

    Second International Workshop on Physicality
    Devina Ramduny-Ellis, Alan Dix & Steve Gill


    Using Personas Effectively
    Peter Bagnall

    Introducing HCI: A Practitioner's Guide
    Steve Cummaford & John Long

    Old Cards, New Tricks: Applied Techniques in Card Sorting
    William Hudson

    Ajax Usability and Design
    William Hudson

    Managing Iterative Projects More Effectively: Theories, Techniques and Heuristics of HCI Practitioners
    John Long & Steve Cummaford

    Introduction to Social Network Analysis
    Panayiotis Zaphiris & Ulrike Pfeil

    HCI Practice Day

    Information Architecture with IBM Task Modeler
    Colin Bird & Mark Farmer

    Creating and Analysing Models in IBM Task Modeler
    Mark Farmer & Colin Bird

    Eye Tracking in Practice

    Tony Renshaw & Natalie Webb

    Doctoral Consortium

    The Role of Input Devices in the Gaming Experience
    Eduardo H. Calvillo Gámez

    Figuring Configuration: "everyday" users and end-user configuration of Pervasive Computing Environments
    Thom Heslop

    Facilitating the Communication between Malaysian Grandparents and Grandchildren Living Abroad through Computer-Mediated Communication

    Nazean Jomhari

    Interaction Manifolds: Understanding Behaviour Around a Shareable Interface
    Cecily Morrison

    Social support in empathic online communities for older people
    Ulrike Pfeil

    Interaction Designers' Use of Their Repertoire in Meetings with Clients
    Per Sökjer

    The Design and Evaluation of an Assistive Multimodal Interface
    Phillip Strain

    Issues with the Construct of Quality
    Nele Van den Ende, Jettie Hoonhout & Lydia Meesters

    Safer prescribing in intensive care: designing a system to reduce errors
    Kathryn Went

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