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    Browse the conference papers here

    Session 1: Distributed Analysis
    Session 2: Model Checking
    Session 3: Timed verification
    Session 4: Performance analysis

    Invited Papers (Abstracts)

    Distributed on-line analysis of discrete event systems: a survey of some recent results
    René Boel

    Model checking of time Petri nets
    Hanifa Boucheneb & Rachid Hadjidj

    Performance models with product form steady-state distributions

    Patrice Moreaux

    Session 1: Distributed Analysis

    Towards Distributed Verification of Petri Nets Properties
    M.C. Boukala & L. Petrucci

    A Simple Distributed Algorithm for the Maintenance of a Spanning Tree
    Brahim Hamid, Bertrand Le Saëc & Mohamed Mosbah

    Consistent Reconfiguration for Publish/Subscribe Architecture Styles
    Imen Loulou, Ahmed Hadj Kacem & Mohamed Jmaiel

    Session 2: Model Checking

    Computing Transitive Closures of Hedge Transformations
    Tayssir Touili

    SystemC Waiting-State Automata
    Yu Zhang, Franck Védrine & Bruno Monsuez

    High Level Reduction Technique for Multiway Decision Graphs Based Model Checking
    Ghiath Al Sammane, Sa'ed Abed & Otmane Ait Mohamed

    Session 3: Timed verification

    Dealing with Resource Requirement in Multimedia Document Consistency Verification

    Test Generation for Duration Systems
    Saddek Bensalem, Moez Krichen, Lotfi Majdoub, Riadh Robbana & Stavros Tripakis

    Zenoness detection and timed model checking for real time systems

    Rachid Hadjidj, Hanifa Boucheneb & Drifa Hadjidj

    Session 4: Performance analysis

    Approximation in an M/G/1 queueing system with breakdowns and repairs
    Karim Abbas & Djamil Aïssani

    Structured analysis for Component-based systems: an EJB/CORBA Application
    Malika Ioualalen, Patrice Moreaux & Nabila Salmi

    Grid Application Performance Prediction: a Case Study in BROADEN
    Karim Djemame & Mohammed H Haji