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    Keynote Address
    Dag Sjøberg

    Trust in Software Outsourcing Relationships: An Analysis of Vietnamese Practitioners' Views
    Phong Thanh Nguyen, Muhammad Ali Babar & June M. Verner

    Software Modernization and Replacement Decision Making in Industry: A Qualitative Study
    Miia-Maarit Saarelainen, Jarmo J. Ahonen, Heikki Lintinen, Jussi Koskinen, Irja Kankaanpää, Henna Sivula, Päivi Juutlainen & Tero Tilus

    Experiences of Performance Tuning Software Product Family Architectures Using a Scenario-Driven Approach
    Christian Del Rosso

    Prediction of Overoptimistic Predictions
    Magne Jørgensen & Bjørn Faugli

    Assessing the Value of Architectural Information Extracted from Patterns for Architecting
    Muhammad Ali Babar, Barbara Kitchenham & Piyush Maheshwari

    Reusability Ranking of Software Components by Coupling Measure
    Gui Gui & Paul D. Scott

    Do Programmer Pairs Make Different Mistakes than Solo Programmers?
    Matthias M. Muller

    Experiences Using Systematic Review Guidelines
    Mark Staples & Mahmood Niazi

    A Systematic review of Cross- vs. Within-Company Cost Estimation Studies
    Barbara Kitchenham, Emilia Mendes & Guilherme H. Travassos

    A Preliminary Empirical Investigation of the Use of Evidence Based Software Engineering by Under-graduate Students
    Austen Rainer, Tracy Hall & Nathan Baddoo

    Simulation of Experiments for Data Collection - a Replicated Study
    Per Runeson & Mattias Wiberg

    Software Product Lines in Value Based Software Engineering
    Maria Teresa Baldassarre, Danilo Caivano & Guiseppe Visaggio

    Assessing the Quality and Cleaning of a Software Project Data Set: An Experience Report
    Gernot Liebchen, Martin Shepperd, Bheki Twala & Michelle Cartwright

    An Empirical Study of Approaches to Determining the Semantic Relatedness of Web Pages
    Shantha Jayalal, Peral Brereton & Chris Hawksley

    Conducting a Systematic Literature Review from the Perspective of a Ph.D. Researcher
    Phil Woodall & Pearl Brereton

    A Coupling Framework for AspectJ
    Marc Bartsch & Rachel Harrison