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    Browse the conference papers here

    Session 1: E-Learning: Pedagogical Approaches, Learner Models, Environment and Technologies
    Session 2: Grid Technologies: Applications and Interfaces

    Session 1: E-Learning: Pedagogical Approaches, Learner Models, Environment and Technologies

    Towards On-Line Services Based on a Holistic Analysis of Human Activities
    William J.Clancey

    Competence-based Knowledge Structures for Personalised Learning

    Jürgen Heller, Birgit Mayer, Cord Hockemeyer & Dietrich Albert

    The use case specification of actions in the goal oriented knowledge based learning environment
    Kazys Baniulis & Bronius Tamulynas

    Designing Assessment Tools in a Service Oriented Architecture
    Will M.Davies & Hugh C. Davis

    Lesson Learnt from CSCL to Enrich E-Learning
    M. Beatrice Ligorio & Roberto Cordeschi

    Peer Conversations for e-Learning in the Grid
    Marc Eisenstadt, Jiri Komzak & Stefano A. Cerri

    A Conceptual Framework for Conversations and Services
    Joost Breuker

    Collaborative learning aspects in VSE
    G. Albano, M. Desiderio, G. Iovane & S. Salerno

    Web based simulations for Virtual Scientific Experiment: methodology and tools
    G. Albano, G. Iovane, S. Salerno & S. Viglione

    Ontology based user modeling for personalization of grid learning services
    Liana Razmerita, Sophia Antipolis, Guy Gouardères, Emilie Conté & Saber Mansour

    Towards Short Term Content Adaptation
    Michela Acquaviva & Marco Benini

    edCity - a New Learning Environment
    Ken Fraser & John Schostak

    Session 2: Grid Technologies: Applications and Interfaces

    Global University System with Globally Collaborative Environmental Peace Gaming Project
    Takeshi Utsumi

    A Grid Services Implementation for a Virtual Research Environment

    G. Wills, L. Gilbert, Q. Gee, H.C. Davis, T. Miles-Board, D. Millard, L. Carr, W. Hall & S. Grange

    Experiences with Writing Grid Clients for Mobile devices
    David Millard, Arouna Woukeu, Feng (Barry) Tao & Hugh Davis

    A Dynamic component-based approach to design and implement Grid Services
    Jérôme Lacouture & Philippe Aniorté

    Gathering Requirements for a Grid-based Automatic Marking System
    Debra T. Hayley, Anne de Roeck, Bashar Nuseibeh, Marian Petre & Pete Thomas

    Towards a Domain Specific Application Development Environment for the ELeGI architecture: the Software Factories approach
    Angelo Gaeta, Matteo Gaeta & Pierluigi Ritrovato

    VCLab as an Example of GRIDifying Virtual Scientific Experiments
    Piotr Szczytowski

    A bootstrapping scenario for elicitating CSCL services within a GRID virtual community
    Pascal Dugenie & Philippe Lemoisson

    GRID Technologies => 'Education' = 'Distance Education'
    Michalis Xenos, Bill Vassiliandis & Athanassios Skodras

    Computational GRIDs and online laboratories
    Andrea Bagnasco, Arianna Poggi & Anna Marina Scapolla

    Towards a Generic Service Oriented Framework for Integrated User Management of Virtual Communities
    Konrad Wulf

    The Semantic Aspects of e-Learning: Using the Knowledge Life Cycle to Manage Semantics for Grid and Service Oriented Systems
    Feng (Barry) Tao, Hugh Davis, David Millard & Arouna Woukeu