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    Browse the conference papers here

    A Grid Approach to Provide Effective Awareness to On-line Collaborative Learning Teams
    S. Caballe, T. Daradoumis, C. Paniagua & F. Xhafa

    Adaptive Personalisation in Self e-Learning Networks
    K. Keenoy, A. Poulovassilis, G. Papamarkos, P.T. Wood, V. Christophides, A. Magkanaraki, M. Stratakis, P. Rigaux & N. Spyratos

    A Virtual Organisation for e-Learning
    N. Capuano, P. Carrolaggi, J. Combaz , F. Crestani, M. Gaeta, E. Herber, E. Sangineto, K. Stefanov & M. Vergara

    Reactive Learning Objects for Distributed e-Learning Environments
    P. Duval, A. Merceron & M. Scholl

    Learning Design and Run-Time Resource Binding in a Distributed e-Learning Environment
    N. Capuano, M. Gaeta, R. Iannone & F. Orciuoli

    AstroGrid as an e-Learning Environment
    P. Contreras & F. Murtagh

    The Service Architecture in the ACTIVEMATH Learning Environment
    P. Libbrecht & S. Winterstein