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    Alan Mathison Turing 2004: A celebration of his life and achievements

    Manchester University, 5 June, 2004

    Alan Mathison Turing (1912-1954) - A celebration of his life and achievements

    Alan Turing is well known for his Turing test in artificial intelligence, but the full range of his contributions in a wide variety of disparate disciplines is perhaps not so well appreciated.  Hence the impetus for this conference - the only one in the UK in 2004 to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Turing's death - to attempt to provide an overview that encompassed this remarkable man's pioneering work in several diverse fields.

    The conference comprised five in-depth presentations covering Turing's

    • life and work (Dr Andrew Hodges)

    and Turing's leading role in the following key areas:

    • logic (Professor Barry Cooper);
    • computing (Dr David Anderson);
    • artificial intelligence (Professor B. Jack Copeland), and
    • biology (in particular morphogenesis) (Dr Jonathan Swinton).

    PDF fileTuring 2004 Poster

    This conference was sponsored by British Logic Colloquium, The London Mathematical Society and BSHM

    Full Synopsis - Editors - Papers