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    PDF fileForeword - Astronomical Data Anaylsis III

    Session 1: Imaging, Signal Processing, Neural Networks
    Session 2: Grid and Data Grid
    Session 3: Pattern Recognition and Inverse Problems

    Session 1: Imaging, Signal Processing, Neural Networks

    A study on recovering the cloud-top height for the EUSO mission
    A Anzalone & F Isgro

    Time domain analysis of polar plumes observed with the LASCO/SOHO coronagraph
    A Llebaria, J Boulanger & Y Boursier

    Quasar selection from combined radio and optical surveys using neural networks
    R Carballo, AS Cofiño & JI González-Serrano

    Learning from optically variable stars: the OMC scientific case
    LM Sarro, A Domingo, JM Mas-Hesse, E Solano & R Gutiérrez

    The Kohonen map: chaos to order in 17000 easy steps
    D Brett, R West & P Wheatley

    Session 2: Grid and Data Grid

    Enabling access to astronomical databases through the grid: a case study
    S Patore, A Volpato, A Baruffolo, L Benacchio, G Taffoni, R Smareglia, C Vuerli & R Crevatin

    The EUSO data simulation and analysis tree
    MC Maccarone, G D'Ali Staiti, S Bottai, M Pallavincini & A Thea

    ESA/HST and ESO archive access and visualisation in the VO era
    D Sforna, A Micol, T Boch & D Durand

    Astrophysical data analysis and visualization toolkit
    D Ferro, U Becciani, V Antonuccio-Delogu, A German & C Gheller

    Spectroscopic surveys: a different approach to data reduction
    B Garilli, P Franzetti, L Paioro, M Scodeggio & A Zanichelli

    SADAS: an integrated software system for the data of the SuperAGILE experiment

    F Lazzarotto & E Del Monte

    Simulation of hardness ratio grids for the ROSAT PSPC
    MJ Carr, EJA Meurs & J Cunniffe

    The data reduction and analysis graphical organizer
    L Paioro, BM Garilli, M Scodeggio & P Franzetti

    Session 3: Pattern Recognition and Inverse Problems

    Separation of dependent sources in astrophysical radiation maps using second order statistics
    L Bedini, S Bottini, D Herranz, EE Kuruoglu, E Salerno & A Tonazzini

    Analyzing spiral galaxies observed in the near infrared
    P Grosbol

    Model fitting in the presence of nuisance parameters

    GJ Babu

    Spectroscopic data analysis for precise determination of stellar temperatures

    K Biazzo, A Frasca, S Catalano & E Marilli

    Reconstruction and removal of thermal effects in Planck/LFI scientific data streams using telemetry information
    M Maris, L Terenzi, A Mennella, D Maino, G Morgante, M Prina, F Pasian & M Bersanelli

    The Large Binocular Telescope: Challenging problems in image restoration
    M Bertero, B Anconelli, P Boccacci, M Carbillet, H Lanteri & C Theys

    The HUDF HRC Parallels: From the pixels to the world wide web
    M Kuemmel, J Walsh, S Larsen & R Hook

    Applications of Probabilistic Principal Surfaces to Data Mining and Visualization
    Tagliaferri R., Staiano A., de Vinco L., Amato R., Donalek C., Longo G. & Raiconi G