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    Browse the conference papers here

    Session 1: LeGE-WG GRID Session
    Session 2: eLearning Session
    Session 3: LeGE-WG Joint Session

    Session 1: LeGE-WG GRID Session

    Movement and interaction in semantic GRIDs: dynamic service generation for Agents in the MIC* deployment environment
    A. Gouaich & S. Cerri, LIRMM, France

    Could Grid facilitate demanding Media Watermarking Applications?
    B. Vassiliadis, V. Fotopoulos, M. Xenos & A. N. Skodras, Hellenic Open University, Greece

    Session 2: eLearning Session

    Distance learning meets Open Source
    W. Behm, Distance Learning Polytechnic, Riedlingen, Germany

    Structuring and merging Distributed Content
    L. Stefanutti, D. Albert & C. Hockemeyer, University of Graz, Austria

    Building Assessment Web Service from Question Type Learning Objects
    V. Reklaitis, Graduate School of Information Systems, University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan; K. Baniulis & N. Aukstakalnis, Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas, Lithuania.

    Session 3: LeGE-WG Joint Session

    An Advisory QoS Service for GRID Based Learning Environments
    M. Bateman, C. Allison, A. Ruddle & R. Nicoll, University of St Andrews, UK.

    SCORM and the Learning Grid
    F. Neumann & R. Geys, FIM, University of Erlangen, Germany.

    DIOGENE: A Service Oriented Virtual Organisation for eLearning
    M. Gaeta, N. Capuano, A. Gaeta, F. Orciuoli, L. Pappacena & P. Ritrovato, CRMPA, Italy.

    The Model of Collaborative Learning GRID to activate interactivity for Knowledge Building
    T. Okamoto & M. Kayama, University of Electro-Communication Tokyo, Japan.