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    Browse the conference papers here

    Session 1: The Semantic Web and the Grid
    Session 2: From e-science to e-business
    Session 3: Presentation of Information from the Web and Grid
    Session 4: Extending the Grid
    Session 5: Web and Grid Services

    Session 1: The Semantic Web and the Grid

    RDF Objects
    A. Barnell

    Engineering Knowledge for Engineering Grid Applications
    L. Chen, S.J. Cox, C Goble, A.J. Keane, A Roberts, N.R. Shadbolt, P. Smart & F. Tao

    A Semantic Approach for Access Control in Web Services
    M.I. Yagüe & J.Mª Troya

    Position Paper: A Grid Service Discovery Matchmaker Based on Ontology Description
    S.A. Ludwig & P. van Santen

    Position Paper: GeneSyS: A Generic Architecture for Supervision of Distributed Applications
    A. Sadovykh, S. Wesner & J-E. Bohdanowicz

    Session 2: From e-science to e-business

    Model Based Security Risk Analysis for Web Applications
    T. Dimitrakos, D. Raptis, B. Ritchie & K. Stølen

    Towards Universal Web Service Clients
    A. Eberhart

    Position Paper: Are Bioinformaticians doing e-Business?
    M. Greenwood, C. Wroe, R. Stevens, C. Goble & M. Addis

    Position Paper: Grid/Web Enhancements to the National Crystallographic Service: Experiences with an Interactive e-science Demonstrator
    M.B. Hursthouse, M. Surridge, J.G. Frey, S.J. Coles, M.E. Light, K.E. Meacham, D.J. Marvin, D.C. De Roure & H.R. Mills

    Session 3: Presentation of Information from the Web and Grid

    XML for Visualization
    K.W. Brodlie, J. Wood, D.A. Duce, J.R. Gallop, D. Gavaghan, M. Giles, S. Hague, J. Walton, M. Rudgyard, B. Collins, J. Ibbotson & A. Knox

    Position Paper: Description Schemes for Mathematical Web Services
    M. Dewar, D. Carlisle & O. Caprotti

    Position Paper: Publication at Source: Scientific Communication from a Publication Web to a Data Grid
    J.G. Frey, D. De Roure & L. Carr

    Session 4: Extending the Grid

    Deploying the Globus Security Infrastructure in a Production Environment: Testing and Evaluation
    M. Draoli, C. Gaibisso & D. Giannelli

    Open Collaborative Grid Service Architecture (OCGSA)
    K. Amin, S. Nijsure & G. von Laszewski

    SchedSP: Providing GRID-enabled Real-World Scheduling Solutions as Application Services
    G. Goulas & E. Housos

    Multifaceted Web Services: An Approach to Secure and Scalable Grid Scheduling
    S. Prabhakar, C. Ribbens & P. Bora

    Session 5: Web and Grid Services

    Web Service Based Data Management for Grid Applications
    T. Boehm

    Multi-protocol Web Services for Enterprises and the Grid
    N. Mukhi, R. Khalaf & P. Fremantle

    Distributed Application Management in Heterogeneous Grids
    P. Lindner, N. Currle-Linde, M.M. Resch & E. Gabriel

    Adaptive Web Transactions: An Approach for Achieving the Atomicity of Composed Web Services
    L. Pajunen, J. Korhonen & J. Puustjärvi