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    21st Annual BCS-IRSG Colloquium on IR

    Glasgow. 19th - 20th April 1999

    Full Synopsis, Editors and Sponsors are not available for this conference.

    Browse the papers below.

    Sequence Models for Automatic Highlighting and Surface Information Extraction
    M-R. Amini, H. Zaragoza & P. Gallinari

    An Empirical Study of Memory and Information Retrieval with a Spatial User Interface
    C. Chennawasin, J. Cole & C. Chen

    Virtual WWW Documents: a Concept to Explicit the Structure of WWW Sites
    B-L. Doan & M. Beigbeder

    A Two-time Model for Video Content Representation and Retrieval
    N. Fatemi & P. Mulhem

    Document Clustering for Mediated Information Access
    D.J. Harper, M. Mechkour & G. Muresan

    Knowledge Management and Information Retrieval: Some New Challenges
    Eng. Ab L.M. Helderman

    User Interface Issues for Browsing Digital Video
    H. Lee, A.F. Smeaton & J. Furner

    Normalization and Matching in the DORO System
    C.H.A. Koster, C. Derksen, D. van de Ende & J. Potjer

    Clustering Information Retrieval Search Outputs
    Y. Kural, S. Robertson & S. Jones

    Improving Index Structures for Structured Document Retrieval
    H. Meuss & C.M. Strohmaier

    The Automatic Generation of Templates for Automatic Abstracting
    M.P. Oakes & C.D. Paice

    How Do People Organise Their Photographs?
    K. Rodden

    IR and the Dialectic of Meaning
    C. Thornley & R. Leon