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    Advances in Databases and Information Systems '97

    St Petersburg, 2nd - 5th September 1997

    Full Synopsis, Editors and Sponsors are not available for this conference.

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    Conceptual Data Modeling, Implementation Prototyping, Transformation, and Application Design -- An Animating Approach using RADD
    M. Albrecht, M. Altus & M. Steeg

    A Query Language for Similarity-based Retrieval of Multimedia Data
    G. Amato, G. Mainetto & P. Savino

    Multiway-Tree Retrieval Based on Treegrams
    H. Argenton & U. Güntzer

    Centralized versus Distributed Index Schemes in OODBMS --- A Performance Analysis
    J. Basu, A.M. Keller & M. Pöss

    A Multi-Level Logic Programming Model of a Query Optimizer
    M. Bieliková, B. Finance & P. Návrat

    A New Approach to Inferences of Semantic Constraints
    J. Biskup & A. Kluck

    ModParOpt: A Modular Query Optimizer for Multi-Query Parallel Databases
    L. Brunie & H. Kosch

    On Time Complexity of Distributed Algorithms for Generalized Deadlock Detection
    J. Brzezinski

    Access Control in an Object-Oriented Document Repository
    F. Buddrus

    WWW Access to a Philological Application
    S. Calabretto & B. Rumpler

    Motown: a Practical Approach to Workflows
    J-L. Chappelet, A. Le Grand, M. Prevel & J-J. Snella

    Speeding up the Counting Method by Computing Heritage Functions in Topological Order
    Y. Chen

    Comparison of the Decision Support Systems and the Transaction Support System Development Methodologies
    V. Cippico

    The Cause-Effect Rules of ROSES
    D. Costal, M.R. Sancho, A. Olivé, M.Barceló, P. Costa, C. Quer & A. Roselló

    Reusing Analysis Schemas in ODB Applications: a Chart Based Approach
    E. Damiani, A. Formica, M.G. Fugini, M. Missikoff & R. Pizzicannella

    S-Index: a Hybrid Structure for Text Retrieval
    D. Dervos, P. Linardis & Y. Manolopoulos

    A Graphical yet Formalized Framework for Specifying View Systems
    Z. Diskin & B. Kadish

    Admissible Record-Oriented Evaluation Plans for Declarative Updates
    G. Fischer & K. Aberer

    Appropriateness of the Activity-centred Graphs in Information System Modelling
    A. Galatescu

    Safety, Translation and Evaluation of Alignment Calculus
    G. Grahne & M. Nykänen

    A Validation System for Object Oriented Specifications of Information Systems

    A. Grau & M. Kowsari

    Semistructured Data: The TSIMMIS Experience
    J. Hammer, J. McHugh & H. Garcia-Molina

    Method for Data Models Integration in the Common Paradigm
    L. Kalinichenko

    The Sybil Database Integration and Evolution Environment: An Overview
    R. King, M. Novak, C. Och, R. Osborne and F. Velez

    Evolving Persistent Applications on Commercial Platforms
    G. Kirby, R. Morrison & D. Munro

    Towards the Object Persistence via Relational Databases
    M. Kopecky & J. Pokorny

    Two Phase Locking-Based Algorithm with Partial Abort for Firm Deadline Real-Time Database Systems
    P. Krzyzagórski & T. Morzy

    Enhancing the Functionality of the Web
    P. Kutschera & R. Rantzau

    Temporal Data Model
    M.G. Manukyan

    SQL-like Language for Database Mining
    T. Morzy & M. Zakrzewicz

    The Design of a High Performance Video Server for Managing TV Archives
    A. Mostefaoui

    Concurrency Control in Distributed Object-Oriented Database Systems
    K. Nørvåg, O. Sandstå, & K. Bratbergsengen

    Concurrency Control Protocol for Nested Transactions in Real-Time Databases
    E. Pavlova & I. Nekrestyanov

    ePERT: Extending PERT for Workflow Management Systems
    H. Pozewaunig, J. Eder & W. Liebhart

    Designing an Intelligent Decision Aiding System Using a Multiagent Approach
    B. Rumpler & S. Calabretto

    Portability of STDL on Top of the TUXEDO Transaction Monitor
    M. Saheb

    Presentation of a Methodology to Help the Researcher in his Experimental Process
    M. Sala

    A Modeling Tool for Workload Analysis and Performance Tuning of Parallel Database Applications

    S. Salza & M. Renzetti

    A Practitioner's View to the Integration of Virtual Enterprise Database Systems by Federation Techniques
    T. Unger & M. Höding

    Querying and Updating Constraint Databases with Incomplete Information
    J. Wilks

    Building the Access Pointers to a Computation Environment
    V.E. Wolfengagen

    Supporting Interoperability of Autonomous Hospital Databases: A Case Study
    A. Zisman & J. Kramer