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    2nd BCS-FACS Northern Formal Methods Workshop

    Ilkley, UK. 14th - 15th July 1997

    Full Synopsis, Editors and Sponsors are not available for this conference.

    Browse the papers below.

    The Geometry of Distributions in Formal Methods
    M. Mac an Airchinnigh & A.P. Hughes

    Coupling Schemas: Data Refinement and View(point) Composition
    E.A. Boiten, J. Derrick, H. Bowman & M.W.A. Steen

    A Tool for Logic Program Refinement
    R. Colvin, I. Hayes, R. Nickson & P. Strooper

    Translating LOTOS to Object-Z
    J. Derrick, E.A. Boiten, H. Bowman & M. Steen

    Formal Methods and Standards - An Idiosyncratic View (Invited Paper)
    D.A. Duce

    Foundations of the Unified Modeling Language
    A.S. Evans & T. Clark

    Using LOTOS for the Evaluation of Design Options in the PREMO Standard
    G.P. Faconti & M. Massink

    Modelling Program Compilation in the Refinement Calculus
    C.J. Fidge

    Towards Rigorous Analysis of Fusion Models: The MIRG Experiences
    R.B. France, J-M. Bruel & G. Raghaven

    Object-Oriented Operations Have Two Parts
    A. Griffiths

    Algebraic Advances for Aliasing
    A.P. Hughes & A. Donnelly

    On Formal Semantics of Statecharts as Supported by STATEMATE
    E. Mikk, Y. Lakhnech, C. Petersohn & M. Siegel

    The Real Numbers in Z
    W.R. Oliveira & R.S.M. Barros

    Formalizing Correlate - from Practice to Pi
    B. Robben, F. Piessens & W. Joosen

    Generating Formal Specifications from CASE Repositories
    B. Ryan

    Relaxing Property Preservation in the Refinement of Concurrent Systems
    M. Siegel

    Communication Traces in the Verification of Distributed Programs
    N. Soundarajan

    Using Graphical Icons to Build Z Specifications
    C.N. Yap & M. Holcombe