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    Advances in Databases and Information Systems '96

    Moscow. 10th - 13th September 1996

    Full Synopsis, Editors and Sponsors are not available for this conference.

    Browse the papers below.

    User Modelling for Conceptual Database Design Based on an Extended Entity Relationship Model: A Preliminary Study
    M. Altus

    Designing Databases Using the Activity Paradigm
    Y. Amghar & M. Meziane

    Modeling Facilities for the Component-based Software Development Method
    K. Berg & L. Kalinichenko

    SLDMagic - An Improved Magic Set Technique
    S. Brass

    Interfacing of Object Analysis and Design Methods with the Method for Interoperable Information Systems Design
    D.O. Briukhov

    Databases Evolution: A Metaobject Approach
    S. Demphlous

    Perfect Encoding: a Signature Method for Text Retrieval
    D. Dervos

    Key Integrity for Cooperative Database Environments with Stationary and Mobile Hosts
    V.V. Doubrovski

    On Harmonically Combining Active, Object-Oriented, and Deductive Databases

    D.W. Embley, S.W. Liddle & Y-K. Ng

    Value-serializability and an Architecture for Managing Transactions in Multiversion Objectbase Systems
    A.R. Hadaegh & K. Barker

    Type Associations Identified to Support Information Resource Reuse in Megaprogramming
    L. Kalinichenko

    Disjunctive Rules and Null Values: Logic Programs with Incomplete Information
    J. Kalinski

    A Transaction Model for Handling Composite Events
    G. Kappel, S. Rausch-Schott, W. Retschitzegger & M. Sakkinen

    Database Technology Beyond Object-Relational
    W. Kim, J.F. Garza & B. Graham

    MediaStore: World Wide Web Access to Multimedia Database Systems
    P. Kutschera

    An Indexing Algorithm for Text Retrieval
    M. Martynov & B. Novikov

    Towards a Unified Model of Untyped Object Stores: Experience with the Tycoon Store Protocol
    F. Matthes, R. Müller & J.W. Schmidt

    Migrating Data-Oriented Applications to a Relational Database Management System

    K. Menhoudj & M. Ou-Halima

    A Distributed Architecture for Integrated Access to Legacy Database Systems
    S. Salza, A. Massari & M. Bruno

    Extending the Gemstone Smalltalk Interface Debugger to Cope with Active Database Components
    I.S. Thomas & A.C. Jones

    Semantic Rules to Propagate Versions in Object-Oriented Databases
    C. Urtado & C. Oussalah

    Objects and their Computational Framework
    V.E. Wolfengagen