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    BCS-FACS Workshop on Formal Aspects of the Human Computer Interface

    Sheffield, UK. 10-12 September 1996

    Full Synopsis, Editors and Sponsors are not available for this conference.

    Browse the papers below.

    Using Temporal Logic in the Specification of Reactive and Interactive Systems
    R. J. Butterworth & D. J. Cooke

    Context Sensitive User Interfaces
    J. C. Campos & F. M. Martins

    A Modal Model of Versions
    A. Dix, T. Rodden & I. Sommerville

    An Analysis of User Behaviour in an Interactive Auditory Field
    T. Ebina & S. Igi

    The User Context and Formal Specification in Interactive System Design
    M. Harrison, R. Fields & P. C. Wright

    Using Object-Z to Compare the MVC and PAC Architectures
    A. Hussey & D. Carrington

    Modelling Interactions as Queues
    C. Karagiannidis, A. Koumpis, C. Stephanidis & A.C. Georgiou

    A Formal Basis for Modelling Process and Task Management Aspects of User Interface Design
    P. A. Lindsay

    On the Composition of Interactor Specifications
    P. Markopoulos, J. Rowson & P. Johnson

    Verification of Properties of Human-Computer Dialogues with an Infinite Number of States
    M. Mezzanotte & F. Paternó

    A Design Life-Cycle for the Formal Design of User Interfaces

    P. Palanque & R. Bastide

    Formally Assessing Software Modifiability
    C. R. Roast & J. I. Siddiqi

    Dialogue Graphs - A Formal and Visual Specification Technique for Dialogue Modelling
    E. Schlungbaum & T. Elwert

    Formal Methods and Human Communication
    K. Stenning & C. Gurr