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    Interfaces to Databases

    Edinburgh, UK. 8th - 10th July 1996

    Full Synopsis, Editors and Sponsors are not available for this conference.

    Browse the papers below.

    A Survey of Query Languages for Geographic Information Systems
    M-A. Aufaure-Portier and C. Trépied

    Comparative Ease of Use of a Diagrammatic vs. an Iconic Query Language

    A.N. Badre, T. Catarci, A. Massari and G. Santucci

    Visionary: A Visual Query Language Based on the User Viewpoint Approach
    F. Benzi, D. Maio and S. Rizzi

    Visualising Large Data Sets in Molecular Biology
    J. Boyle, H. Horch and M. Scharf

    Interface Design: More Craft than Science? (Invited Paper)
    M. Chalmers

    VR Queries and Their Transformations in a Progressive Querying Environment
    S.K. Chang, M.F. Costabile and M. Vairo

    Smalltalk Graphics as a Visual Aid to Acquiring Query Language Skills over a Semantic Data Model
    N. Cole and P.M.D. Gray

    TOTEM: An Interactive Tool for Creative Data Modelling

    A. Crerar, P.J. Barclay and R. Watt

    Dynamic Maps: An Intuitive Interface for Naive Users of Spatial Database Systems
    M. Dbouk, D. Kvedarauskas and P. Boursier

    EER Designer for Deductive Databases
    J.R. Paramá Gabía, N.R. Brisaboa and M.F. Becerra

    The Use of the Data Dictionary in DBMS Based on Graphs
    M. Gemis

    Graphic Interface to Access a Multimedia Database on Spanish Emblematic Literature
    E.L. Iglesias, N.R. Brisaboa and M.R. Penabad

    Desktop Objects: Directly Manipulating Data and Meta Data
    A. Kadyamatimba, J.A. Mariani and P. Sawyer

    LibSearch: A Window-Based Front-End to Remote Bibliographic Databases on the Internet
    E-P. Lim and S-Y. Cheng

    DRIVE: An Environment for the Organised Construction of User-Interfaces to Databases
    K. Mitchell and J. Kennedy

    Interpreting Graphic Models
    J.C. Nordbotten and M.E. Crosby

    Exploitation of Object-Oriented and Active Constructs in Database Interface Development
    N.W. Paton, K. Doan, O. Diaz and A. Jaime

    A Graphical User Interface to the Object-Oriented Database System VODAK on the Basis of the Generic Visualisation Toolkit Lyberworld
    T. Schweickert and M. Hemmje