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    Methods Integration Workshop

    Leeds, UK. 25th - 26th March 1996

    Full Synopsis, Editors and Sponsors are not available for this conference.

    Browse the papers below.

    A Spanning Tree Object-Oriented Distributed Algorithm: Specification and Proof
    L. Bonnet, L. Duchien, G. Florin & L. Seinturier

    Introduction and Overview - The Projects of Methods Integration
    A. Bryant

    Integrating Process Modelling and Soft Systems Analysis
    D.W. Bustard & P.J. Lundy

    Methods Integration: Time for Reflection (and Reorientation?)
    J. Cooke

    Improving Access of the Commercial Software Developer to Formal Methods: Integrating MERISE with Z
    L. Dunckley & A. Smith

    Mapping Object Diagrams into B Specifications
    P. Facon, R. Laleau & H.P. Nguyen

    A Tale of Two Case Studies: Using Integrated Methods to Support Rigorous Requirements Specification
    R.B. France, J. Wu, M.M. Larondo-Petrie, & J.M. Bruel

    JSD - - CSP - TLZ - A Case Study
    M.G. Hinchey

    CASE Support for Methods Integration: Implementation of a Translation from a Structured to a Formal Notation
    S. Hooker, M.A. Lockyer & P.C. Fencott

    Data Modelling in ZIM
    V. Kasurinen & K. Sere

    Integrated Formal and Object-Oriented Methods: The VDM ++ Approach
    K. Lano & S. Goldsack

    Synthesis - An Integrated, Object-Oriented Method and Tool for Requirements Specification in Z
    M. Rawson & P. Allen

    Combining Object Oriented Process and Information Models in the Design of Cooperative Systems for an Area Health Authority
    R.A. Steele, C. Elliot, G. Osguthorpe & R. Banks

    NOODLE++: A 3-Dimensional Net-Based Object- Oriented Development Model
    T.H. Tse & C.P. Cheng

    The Application of Structured Analysis/Formal Design Method to a Case Study from the Nuclear Industry
    A. Walker, M. Spink & P. Vlissidis