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    MIRO '95

    Glasgow, UK. 18th - 20th September 1995

    Full Synopsis, Editors and Sponsors are not available for this conference.

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    Strategies for Evaluation of Interactive Multimedia Information Retrieval Systems
    N.J. Belkin

    Implementing a Multimedia IR Framework
    T.A. Bratvold, G. Sonnenberger and H-P. Frei

    Supporting Information Needs by Ostensive Definition in an Adaptive Information Space
    I. Campbell

    Extending a Logic-Based Retrieval Model With Algebraic Knowledge
    J-P. Chevallet and Y. Chiaramella

    An Analysis of the Use of Graphics for Information Retrieval
    M.D. Dunlop and I.G. Ruthven

    A General Approach to Speech Recognition
    C. Gerber

    Video Mail Retrieval Using Voice: An Overview of the Stage 2 System
    G.J.F. Jones, J.T. Foote, K.S. Jones and S.J. Young

    Capturing Shape and Text for Retrieval
    O. Lorenz and G. Monagan

    A Multifacet Formal Image Model for Information Retrieval
    M. Mechkour

    The RIME Prototype
    P. Mulhem and C. Berrut

    Using Abductive Inference and Dynamic Indexing to Retrieve Multimedia SGML Documents
    A. Muller and S. Kutschekmanesch

    Experiences with Content Based Retrieval of Multimedia Information
    A.D. Narasimhalu and M-K. Leong

    Toward a Visual Thesaurus
    R.W. Picard

    A Note on Logic and Information Retrieval

    F. Sebastiani

    Use and Reuse of Indexing and Retrieval Functionality in a Multimedia IR Framework
    G. Sonnenberger, T.A. Bratvold and H-P. Frei

    Document Retrieval by Relevance Terminological Logics
    U. Straccia

    Dialogue Strategies for Multimedia Retrieval: Intertwining Abductive Reasoning and Dialogue Planning
    U. Thiel, J.A. Gulla, A. Muller and A. Stein

    Speech Retrieval Based on Automatic Indexing
    M. Wechsler and P. Schauble