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    Database Programming Languages

    Italy. 6th - 8th September 1995.

    Full Synopsis, Editors and Sponsors are not available for this conference.

    Browse the papers below.

    IQL(2): A Model with Ubiquitous Objects
    S. Abiteboul and C. Souza dos Santos

    Extensible Objects for Database Evolution: Language Features and Implementation Issues
    A. Albano, M. Diotallevi and G. Ghelli

    Consistency Checking in Complex Object Database Schemata with Integrity Constraints
    D. Beneventano, S. Bergamaschi, S. Lodi and C. Sartori

    Programming Constructs for Unstructured Data
    P. Buneman, S. Davidson and D. Suciu

    To Form a More Perfect Union (Intersection, Difference)
    M. Cherniack, S.B. Zdonik and M.H. Nodine

    Efficient Evaluation of Aggregates on Bulk Types
    S. Cluet and G. Moerkotte

    Investigating Extension Polymorphism
    R. Connor, D. Balasubramaniam and R. Morrison

    From Database Programming to Business Process Programming (Invited Talk)
    U. Dayal

    On Detecting Conflict Between Proposed Updates
    M. Doherty, R. Hull, M. Derr and J. Durand

    On Impossibility of Decremental Recomputation of Recursive Queries in Relational Calculus and SQL
    G. Dong, L. Libkin and L. Wong

    An Algebraic Framework for Physical OODB Design
    L. Fegaras and D. Maier

    The Restricted and the Bounded Fixpoint Closures of the Nested Relational Algebra are Equivalent
    M. Gyssens, D. Suciu and D. Van Gucht

    Union-Types in Object-Oriented Schemas
    J. Hidders

    Database States in Lazy Functional Programming Languages: Imperative Update and Lazy Retrieval
    Y. Ichikawa

    Data Mapping and Matching: Languages for Scientific Datasets (Panel Report)

    P. Kanellakis

    Observational Distinguishability of Databases with Object Identity
    A.S. Kosky

    Computing Queries on Linear Constraint Databases
    Z. Lacroix and S. Grumbach

    Scheduling Resource Usage in Object-Oriented Queries
    T.W. Leung

    Query Language Primitives for Programming with Incomplete Databases

    L. Libkin

    Scaling Database Languages to Higher-Order Distributed Programming

    B. Mathiske, F. Matthes and J.W. Schmidt

    Finite Query Languages for Sequence Databases
    G. Mecca and A.J. Bonner

    A Framework for the Specification of Active Rule Language Semantics
    D. Montesi and R. Torlone

    Semantical Considerations on Workflows: An Algebra for Intertask Dependencies
    M.P. Singh