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    Full Papers
    Short Papers
    Work in Progress Papers
    AltHCI Papers

    Full Papers

    COPE: Interactive Image Retrieval Using Conversational Recommendation
    Bartoz Balcer, Martin Halvey, Stephen Brewster & Joemon Jose

    Using Information Visualisation to Support Visual Web Service Discovery
    Simone Beets & Janet Wesson

    Suburban Birmingham - Designing Accessible Cultural History using Multi-touch Tables
    William Byrne, Russell Beale & Richard Clay

    Safer "5-key" number entry user interfaces using Differential Formal Analysis
    Abigail Cauchi, Andy Gimblett, Harold Thimbleby, Paul Curzon & Paolo Masci

    Investigating the impact of interlocutor voice on syntactic alignment in human-computer dialogue
    Benjamin Cowan, Holly Branigan & Russell Beale

    Tangible interfaces: when physical-virtual coupling may be detrimental to learning
    Sébastien Cuendet, Patrick Jermann & Pierre Dillenbourg

    Designing Badges for a Civic Media Platform: Reputation and Named levels

    Stefano De Paoli, Nicolò De Uffici & Vincenzo D'Andrea

    Audio Delivery and Territoriality in Collaborative Digital Musical Interaction

    Robin Fencott & Nick Bryan-Kinns

    Users need your models! Exploiting Design Models for Explanations
    Alfonso García Frey, Gaëlle Calvary & Sophie Dupuy-Chessa

    A Community-Centred Design Approach for Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA)

    Dr Steve Green, Dr Elaine Pearson, Dr Voula Gkatzidou & Franck Oliver Perrin

    Active Progress Bar: Aiding the switch to temporary activities
    Christophe Hurter, Benjamin Cowan, Audrey Girouard & Nathalie Henry Riche

    Supporting Cross-Modal Collaboration in the Workplace
    Oussama Metatla, Nick Bryan-Kinns, Tony Stockman & Fiore Martin

    A New Test of Throughput Invariance in Fitts’ Law: Role of the Intercept and of Jensen’s Inequality
    Halla Olafsdottir, Yves Guiard, Olivier Rioul & Simon Perrault

    Improving the Accessibility of the Traditional Lecture: An Automated Tool for Supporting Transcription
    Miltiades Papadopoulos & Elaine Pearson

    RATA: Codeless Generation of Gesture Recognizers
    Beryl Plimmer, Rachel Blagojevic, Samuel Hsiao-Heng Chang, Paul Schmieder & Jacky Shunjie Zhen

    "Personal Radar": A Self-governed Support System to Enhance Environmental Perception
    Andreas Riener & Harald Hartl

    Effortless attention and composite challenges in movement interaction

    Pablo Romero & Eduardo Calvillo-Gámez

    Assessing a Multimodal User Interface in a Target Acquisition Task
    Gustavo Rovelo, Francisco Abad, M.-Carmen Juan & Emilio Camahort

    Serious Games as Input versus Modulation: Different Evaluations of Utility
    Razvan Rughinis

    Older people’s social sharing practices in YouTube through an ethnographical lens
    Sergio Sayago, Paula Forbes & Josep Blat

    Non-Occluding Intelligent Magnifiers for Sketching on Small Displays

    Paul Schmieder, Beryl Plimmer & John Hosking

    User Experiences and Expectations of Vibrotactile, Thermal and Squeeze Feedback in Interpersonal Communication
    Katja Suhonen, Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila & Kalle Mäkelä

    Short Papers

    When Did My Mobile Turn Into A ‘Sellphone’? A study of consumer responses to tailored smartphone ads
    Nicolette Conti, Charlene Jennett, Jose Maestre & M. Angela Sasse

    YourWellness: Designing an Application to Support Positive Emotional Wellbeing in Older Adults
    Julie Doyal, Brian O'Mullane, Shauna McGee & R. Benjamin Knapp

    Poking Fun at the Surface: Exploring Touch-Point Overloading on the Multi-touch Tabletop with Child Users
    Dan Fitton, James Thompson & Janet C Read

    Overview "vs" Detail on mobile devices: a struggle for screen space
    Tiago Gonçalves, Ana Paula Afonso, Maria Beatriz Carmo & Paulo Pombinho

    Understanding the IT-Related Attitudes and Needs of Persons with Age-Related Macular Degeneration: A Case Study
    Lilit Hakobyan, Jo Lumsden, Dympna O'Sullivan & Hannah Bartlett

    Evaluating Design Elements for Digital Educational Games on Programming: A Pilot Study
    Stephanie Heintz & Effie Lai-Chong Law

    Snookered by an interruption? Use a cue
    Stuart A Jones, Sandy J J Gould & Anna L Cox

    May Cause Dizziness: Applying the Simulator Sickness Questionnaire to Handheld Projector Interaction
    Bonifaz Kaufmann, Philip Kozeny, Stefan Schaller, John N A Brown & Martin Hitz

    A User Study of Web Search Session Behaviour using Eye Tracking data
    Mari-Carmen Marcos, David F Nettleton, Diego Sáez-Trumper

    Understanding User Requirements in Take-Home Diabetes Management Technologies

    Tom Owen, George Buchanan & Harold Thimbleby

    Exploring the motivations involved in context aware services
    Chris Roast & Xiaohui Zhang

    Effect of Touch-Screen Size on Game Immersion
    Matt Thompson, A. Imran Nordin & Paul Cairns

    Pedestrian Navigation with a Mobile Device: Strategy Use and Environmental Learning
    Emily Webber, Gary Burnett & Jeremy Morley

    Emotishare: Emotion Sharing on Mobile Devices
    Matthew John Willis & Christian Martyn Jones

    Work in Progress Papers

    The acquisition of spatial navigational skills from dynamic versus static visualisations
    Olurotimi R. Akinlofa, Patrik O'Brian Holt & Eyad Eylan

    Designing a Mobile Academic Peer Support System
    Balsam AlSugair, Gail Hopkins, Elizabeth FitzGerald & Tim Brailsford

    Towards an Experimental Design Framework for Evaluation of Dynamic Workload and Situational Awareness in Safety Critical Maritime Settings
    Dr. Frøy Birte Bjørneseth, Sathiya K. Renganayagalu, Dr. Mark D. Dunlop, Dr. Eva Hornecker & Dr. Sashidharan

    Using Tangible Drawing Tools on a Capacitive Multi-touch Display
    Rachel Blagojevic, Xiliang Chen, Ryan Tan, Robert Sheehand & Beryl Plimmer

    A Frame Signature Matrix for Analysing and Comparing Interaction Design Behaviour
    Richard Blyth, Nicole Schadewitz, Helen Sharp, Mark Woodroffe, Dino Rajah & Ranganai Turugare

    Identifying Archetypal Perspectives in News Articles
    Chris P Bowers, Russell Beale & Robert J Hendley

    Developing an Interface to Support Procedural Memory Training using a Participatory-Based Approach
    Patrick Carrington, Ravi Kuber, Lisa Anthony, Amy Hurst & Sapna Prasad

    Tactile Guides for Touch Screen Controls
    Robert Kincaid

    Designing a Mobile Video Game to Help Young Deaf Children Learn Auslan
    Jessica Korte, Leigh Ellen Potter & Sue Nielsen

    Towards the improvement of self-service systems via emotional virtual agents
    Christopher Martin, Leslie Ball, Jacqueline Archibald & Lloyd Carson

    Designing a Semantic Sketchbook to Create Opportunities for Serendipity

    Deborah Maxwell, Mel Woods, Stephann Makri, Diana Bental, Genovefa Kefalidou & Sarah Sharples

    A Prototype Structured but Low-viscosity Editor for Novice Programmers
    Fraser McKay

    Design and evaluation of a VR-user-interface based on a common tablet-PC
    Martin H Rademacher, Michael Schneider & Carsten Dabs

    Please keep off the grass: individual norms in virtual worlds
    Katrina Samperi, Russell Beale & Nick Hawes

    Service-Please: an interactive healthy eating serious game application for tablet computer
    Kenneth C Scott-Brown, Julia Allan, Leif Azzopardi, Marjon van der Pol, Paul Crook, Mark Bamford, Claire Moncrieffe, Donna McAvoy & Ian Reynolds

    Evaluating Game Preference using the Fun Toolkit across Cultures
    Gavin Sim, Matthew Horton & Nicky Danino

    Beyond demand management: The value of sharing electricity information
    Stephen Snow & Margot Brereton

    AltHCI Papers

    Designing Blended Spaces
    David Benyon, Oli Mival & Serkan Ayan

    You Only Live Twice or "The Years We Wasted Caring about Shoulder-Surfing"
    Joseph Maguire & Karen Renaud

    How good is this conference? Evaluating conference reviewing and selectivity
    Harold Thimbleby & Paul Cairns

    User Experience Study of Multiple Photo Streams Visualization
    Sam Zargham, Janko Calic & David Frohlich