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    Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2013)

    London, UK, 29 - 31 July 2013

    Over almost two decades, the EVA London conference on Electronic Visualisation and the Arts has established itself as one of the United Kingdom’s most innovative and interdisciplinary conferences. It brings together a wide range of research domains to celebrate a diverse range of interests with a specialised focus on visualisation.

    EVA London 2013 presents a wide spectrum of papers, presentations, demonstrations, an exhibition, and a research workshop. It is a forum where the sciences, arts, humanities and performance are equally at home. EVA London 2013 presents 66 papers and abstracts from 15 countries, by researchers inside and outside academia, from graduate artists, PhD students, seasoned industry professionals, established scholars and senior researchers, who value EVA London for its interdisciplinary community. This year, the conference features three keynote speakers: Prof. Steve DiPaola from Simon Fraser University (Canada); Prof. Linda Candy from the University of Technology (Australia); and Don McIntyre from the Glasgow School of Arts (United Kingdom).

    The proceedings has resulted from a highly selective peer review process, fitting as many excellent submissions as possible into the limited timetable of the conference. The papers cover digital culture and creativity, museum studies, digital enhanced reality, computer arts, 3D modelling, emotion, haptic, mobile, cross-media, multimodal interactivities and performances, as well as many other interdisciplinary areas.

    EVA London is part of a larger network of EVA international conferences. In the past twenty years, EVA events have been held in Athens, Beijing, Berlin, Brussels, California, Cambridge (both UK and USA), Dallas, Delhi, Edinburgh, Florence, Gifu (Japan), Glasgow, Harvard, Jerusalem, Kiev, Laval, London, Madrid, Montreal, Moscow, New York, Paris, Prague, Thessaloniki, and Warsaw. Further venues for EVA conferences are very much encouraged by the EVA community.

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