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    Crowd-Powered Systems
    Michael Bernstein

    Full Papers

    Effects of Expertise Assessment on the Quality of Task Routing in Human Computation
    Umair ul Hassan, Sean O'Riain & Edward Curry

    Crowdsourcing for a Geographical and Social Mapping of Italian Dialects
    François Bry, Fabian Kneissl, Thomas Krefeld, Stephan Lücke & Christoph Wieser

    Position Papers

    Exploiting User Generated Content for Mountain Peak Detection
    Roman Fedorov, Davide Martinenghi, Marco Tagliasacchi & Andrea Castelletti

    Building social graphs from images through expert-based crowdsourcing
    Marcello Dionisio, Piero Fraternali, Erik Harloff, Davide Martinenghi, Isabel Micheel, Jasminko Novak, Chiara Pasini, Marco Tagliasacci & Srđan Zagorac

    Conference Introduction