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    Monday 6 July 2015

    V&A Digital Futures meets EVA London

    Tuesday 7 July 2015

    Music and Performing Arts
    Music & Performing Arts II
    Music & Performing Arts III
    Research Workshop

    Wednesday 8 July 2015

    Arts I
    Animation & Visualisation
    Arts II

    Thursday 9 July 2015

    Cultural Heritage I
    Virtual Tours & Virtual Heritage

    Exhibitions at BCS

    V&A Digital Futures meets EVA London

    'Unheard' Sounds'
    Joanne Armitage & Kia Ng

    Reflections of Essence
    Steve DiPaola & Sara Salevati

    Fractalnoia - 11 Datasets You Cannot Believe Just Happened
    Tomi Dufva & Mikko Dufva

    Zaytoun, Visualising Human made Disaster through Interactive Illustration
    Hadi Mehrpouya, Chris Barker & Mina Braun

    XV: Reactive Spaces
    Esteban Garcia Bravo, Jorge A. Garcia & Aaron Zernack

    Face Value - Augmented Reality Enhanced Photography
    Elke E. Reinhuber

    Images of Protest in Social Media for the Virtual Community
    Eleanor Lisney & Kirsten Forkert

    Butchery by Light
    Eric Lesdema & Stephanie Bolt

    Music and Performing Arts

    PULse 04: Be[ing] in the Zone - a Moist Emotion Between Body Matter and Digital Media
    Lorna Moore

    LIVeMotion: A Multi-Sensory System to Encourage the Awareness of Mindfulness
    Isabel Briant, Jeremy Gaisie, Thomas Morris, Francis Robson, David Moore & Kia Ng

    Enhancing Global Collaboration through Network-empowered Live Performance
    James C. Oliverio, Angelos Barmpoutis, Chad Juehring & Anton Yudin


    How Songkick is using Technology to Change Live Music
    Dan Crow (Songkick)

    Music & Performing Arts II

    Configuring a Haptic Interface for Music Performance
    Joanne Armitage & Kia Ng

    Mapping Motion II: Motion Capture and the Visualisation of Dance
    Kelly Hamilton

    Tempo and Autonomic Control of the Heart
    Beatrice Bretherton, Luke Windsor & Kia Ng

    Music & Performing Arts III

    Aesthetic Heuristics in Ubimus
    Damián Keller, Nuno Otero & Leandro Costalonga

    Towards a Borgean Musical Space: An Experimental Interface for Exploring Musical Models
    Charles de Paiva Santana, Jônatas Manzolli, Jean Bresson & Moreno Andreatta

    Representing Altered States of Consciousness in Computer Arts
    Jonathan Weinel

    Sound Spirals
    Evan S. Raskob

    [arra]stre- A Data-driven Ballet
    Paul Golz & Genevieve Smith-Nunes

    Music of the Spheres
    Charlotte Jarvis & Nick Goldman


    Design and Digital Interactive System for Medicine
    Cristina Portugal

    Design and Narrative for Deaf and Listener Children
    Cristina Portugal, Eliane Jordy, Ana Correia, Rita Couto & Felipe Alram

    Designing for the Impossible: Creating a Mobile Application to Track Time Dilation
    Daniel Buzzo & David Jonas

    A New Representation System in Tonal Harmony for Analysis and Creation
    Anna Shvets

    AniMorph: Animation Driven Audio Mosaicing
    Augoustinos Tsiros and Grégory Leplâtre

    Adding Value: Combining Ambient Visual and Vibrotactile Feedback to Encourage Good Posture in Trumpet Players
    Mat Dalgleish, Chris Payne & Steve Spencer

    Crossing Borders
    Joe Osmond

    Research Workshop

    Towards a Digital Museum Dream Space
    Sarah Younan

    Computer-aided Weaving: From Numerical Data to Generative Textile
    Marinos Koutsomichalis & Afroditi Psarra

    Art Wonder: Using Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) and Wearable-enhanced Learning (WELL) in the Museum Context to Enhance their Visitors' Experience
    Francesca Guerrera

    Infinite Remix Machine: Automatic Analysis and Arrangement of Musical Recordings
    Ryan Kirkbride and Kia Ng

    MineCraft - A Media for Resilience
    Dorine Flies

    Museum and Maps in Virtual Reality
    Ivan Grinko

    Growing Cyberceptive Organs with Electronic Environments
    Živa Ljubec

    Omega Point: An Electronic Visualisation of a Quantum Theory of Consciousness
    Marios Athanasiou

    Memory Machines: Exploring How Digital and Wearable Technologies can be used to Visualise the Phenomena of Memory and the Concept of Identity
    Dalia Yassine

    Electrical Impulses (A Keyboard & Clarinet Performance)
    Marina Vesic & Diogo Lopes

    Arts I

    A Creative Artificial Intelligence System to Investigate User Experience, Affect, Emotion and Creativity
    Sara Salevati & Steve DiPaola

    Collecting and Conserving Software-based Art (outside the institution)
    Tom Ensom

    Playful Interactions: A Critical Inquiry into Interactive Art and Play
    Tine Bech


    Save Our Sounds: Audio preservation and the British Library
    Will Prentice (British Library)


    The Scales of Life - A case study on an Art-Science Visualisation
    Elaine Shemilt

    Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Affective Experiences
    Marianne Markowski, Irida Ntalla, Christina Kamposiori & Vasileios Routsis

    The Art of Voting
    Jeremy Pilcher

    Galois Connections: Mathematics, Art and Archives
    Jonathan P. Bowen & Tula Giannini

    Animation & Visualisation

    The Impossibility of Control: Real-time Negotiations with the Heart
    John MacCallum & Teoma Naccarato

    Beneath the Waves and Beyond the Screen: Visualising Subsea Survey Data in Three Dimensions
    Dylan Gauld

    Uchronie: Revisiting Analogue Computing to Expand the Language of A/V Synthesis
    Mat Dalgleish, Chris Payne & Richard Burn

    The Tech behind Creating an Experience on a Mobile/Tablet Platform
    Iñaki Arredondo

    Art Visualisation in the EMDR Psychotherapy Process
    Jerome J. Leary

    A Magic Lantern Data Projector
    Mark Hursty & Victoria Bradbury

    Art and Engineering
    Oana Gui & Radu Moraru

    Data Body Banking: Understanding Post Biological Identity through Embodied Mixed Reality Art
    Julian Stadon

    Processes and Variations in Digital Landscapes
    Gareth Polmeer

    Live Sculpture
    Chiara Passa

    Arts II

    From Space to Interface: Augmented Reality, a Model for Participation
    Liam Noah Jefferies

    Colliding Events: Art Projects at the Large Hadron Collider
    Chris Henschke

    Exploring Different Ways of Navigating Emotionally Responsive Artwork in Immersive Virtual Environments
    Meehae Song & Steve DiPaola

    Hard Copy
    Jo Stockham

    Stitch, Bitch, Make/Peform: Wearables and Performance
    Camille Baker & Kate Sicchio

    Cultural Heritage 1

    Imaging the Egyptian Obelisk at Kingston Lacy
    Lindsay MacDonald, Jane Masséglia, Charles Crowther, Ben Altshuler, Sarah Norodom, Andrew Cuffley & James Grasby

    meSch - Tools for Interactive Exhibitions
    Katrin Wolf, Essam Abdelhady, Yomna Abdelrahman, Thomas Kubitza & Albrecht Schmidt

    The Supersti+Tech Project: A Reinterpretation of Superstition through New Media Technology
    Jinhee Kim


    Navigating Horizon 2020 Funding
    Christina Miller (UK Research Office, Brussels)

    Virtual Tours & Virtual Heritage

    New Relations with the Architectual Heritage Education
    Carla Maria Furuno Rimkus & Rita de Cássia Maia da Silva

    A Virtual Tour to the Inscriptions of the UNESCO World Heritage Site St. Michael in Hildesheim
    Anna Neovesky & Julius Peinelt

    The Prosumer: The Key Player of the Museum of the Future
    Valentina Fois

    Stopmotion Photowalk Animation for Spatial Immersion in a Remote Cultural Heritage Site
    Scott L. Smith

    Innovative, Participatory Listening and Seeing Experiences in Museums
    Tobias Ziegler

    Gilcrease on Wheels: Incorporating Electronic Interactive Experiences
    Duc Tran, Andrew Couch, Robert Pickering & J C Diaz

    Robots and Cultural Heritage: New Museum Experiences
    Maria Luce Lupetti, Claudio Germak & Luca Giuliano

    360 'Beyond the Screen' - Immersive, Stereo-Surround Projects in cooperation with Museum of Ancient Seafaring in Mainz
    Michael Orthwein


    Free lunch: Open Source Solutions for the Digitisation Workflow
    Matt Faber

    Storytelling the Information Age
    Tilly Blyth & Anne Prugnon

    MAUERSCHAU: A Mobile Virtual Museum Postmodern Storytelling through Digital Media
    Maximilian von Grafenstein, Eva Schneider & Nancy Richter

    The 3D Scanning of the Mantua Ark
    Moshe Caine, Andreina Contessa & Zvi Grinberg

    Anywhere is Everywhere - Tales of a Virtual Traveller
    Chris A. Wright

    ʔeləw̓k̓ʷ – Belongings: A Tangible Interface for Intangible Cultural Heritage
    Reese Muntean, Kate Hennessy, Alissa Antle, Susan Rowley, Jordan Wilson, Brendan Matkin, Rachael Eckersley, Perry Tan & Ron Wakkary

    Exhibitions at BCS

    Anna Dumitriu & Alex May

    Spiral Gall
    Murray McKeich

    Optical Research: A Curated Visual Music Collection
    Jonathan Weinel

    You. Here. Now
    Ian Willcock