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    Sixth BCS-IRSG Symposium on Future Directions in Information Access (FDIA 2015)

    31 August - 4 September 2015, Thessaloniki, Greece

    Follow the appropriate links below to access the papers in this session.

    Energy Efficiency in Web Search Engines
    Matteo Catena

    A Gamification Framework for Enhancing Search Literacy
    Ioannis Karatassis

    A Framework for Emotion-aware Recommender Systems supporting Decision Making
    Marco Polignano

    Improving Information Retrieval Evaluation via Markovian User Models and Visual Analytics
    Maria Maistro

    Heterogeneous Information Access Through Result Composition
    Horatiu Bota

    Temporal Information Retrieval Revisited: A Focused Study on the Web
    Yue Zhao & Claudia Hauff

    Syntactic and Semantic Structures for Relation Extraction
    Duc-Thuan Vo & Ebrahim Bagheri

    The Opinionated Recommender
    Stephen Bradshaw

    Two-dimensional point set pattern matching with horizontal scaling
    Antti Laaksonen

    Topic-centric Classification of Twitter User's Political Orientation
    Anjie Fang, Iadh Ounis, Philip Habel, Craig MacDonald & Nut Limsopatham

    User's Location Prediction in Location-based Social Networks
    Jarana Manotumruksa

    Sentiment analysis via fractal dimension
    Symeon Symeonidis

    Investigating Search Behaviour and Performance using Personal and Social Context Signals
    Dongho Choi

    Word-Context Matrix based Query Expansion in Information Retrieval for Turkish text
    Emre Şatır, Adil Alpkoçak & Deniz Kılınç

    A Framework for Enhanced Text Classification in Sensitivity and Reputation Management
    Graham Mcdonald

    Different tools for handling Geographic Information Retrieval problems
    Yisleidy Linares Zaila

    Query Recommendation as Query Generation
    Matthew Mitsui

    Whether a CQA User is a Medical Professional? Work in Progress
    Alexander Beloborodov

    Explanatory opinions: to whom or what is all the fuss about?
    Filipa Peleja, Ioannis Arapakis & João Magalhães