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    3rd International Symposium for ICS & SCADA Cyber Security Research 2015 (ICS-CSR 2015)

    17 - 18 September 2015, University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt, Germany

    Follow the appropriate links below to access the papers in this session.

    Extracting Vulnerabilities in Industrial Control Systems using a Knowledge-Based System
    Laurens Lemaire, Jan Vossaert, Joachim Jansen & Vincent Naessens

    Assessing the Security of IEC 62351
    Roman Schlegel, Sebastian Obermeier & Johannes Schneider

    ICS Threat Analysis Using a Large-Scale Honeynet
    Alexandru Vlad Serbanescu, Sebastian Obermeier & Der-Yeuan Yu

    A Model-based Approach to Interdependency between Safety and Security in ICS
    Tingting Li & Chris Hankin

    A Forensic Taxonomy of SCADA Systems and Approach to Incident Response
    Peter Eden, Andrew Blyth, Pete Burnap, Kevin Jones & Kristan Stoddart

    A Cyber-Physical Security Analysis of Synchronous-Islanded Microgrid Operation
    Ivo Friedberg, David Laverty, Kieran McLaughlin & Paul Smith

    Analysis of Exploitable Vulnerability Sequences in Industrial Networked Systems: A Proof of Concepts
    Manuel Cheminod, Luca Durante, Lucia Seno & Adriano Valenzano

    Automated Asset Discovery in Industrial Control Systems - Exploring the Problem
    Adam Wedgbury & Kevin Jones

    A Blueprint for a Pan-European Cyber Incident Analysis System
    Giuseppe Settanni, Florian Skopik, Helmut Kaufmann, Tobias Gebhardt, Klaus Theuerkauf, Konstantin Boettinger, Mark Carolan, Damien Conroy & Pia Olli

    Cyber Security Maintenance for SCADA Systems
    Johannes Schneider, Sebastian Obermeier & Roman Schlegel

    Towards Agile Industrial Control Systems Incident Response
    Ying He & Helge Janicke

    Multi-Layer Agent-Based Simulation of Network Behaviour in Advanced Metering Infrastructures
    Christoph Lang-Muhr, Matthias Schrattenholzer & Paul Tavolato

    Insecure by Design: Using Human Interface Devices to exploit SCADA systems
    Grigoris Tzokatziou, Leandros Maglaras & Helge Janicke

    Investigating the Applicability of a Moving Target Defense for SCADA systems
    Cordell C. Davidson, Joel Dawson, Paul Carsten, Mark Yampolskiy & Todd R. Andel

    A System to Recognize Intruders in Controller Area Network (CAN)
    Paul Carsten, Todd R. Andel, Mark Yampolskiy, Jeffrey T. McDonald & Samuel Russ