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    Monday 11 July 2016

    Pre-Conference Symposium

    Tuesday 12 July 2016

    Music I
    Music and Multimedia
    Music II
    The Arts
    Research Workshop

    Wednesday 13 July 2016

    Arts I
    Arts II
    Arts and Photography
    Education and Museums

    Thursday 14 July 2016

    Mathematics and the Arts
    Theory and Practice
    Music and Dance 

    Exhibition and Digital Futures

    Pre-Conference Symposium

    From Analogue to Digital in Literature and Art
    Jonathan P. Bowen & Tula Giannini

    Music I

    Revealing the Colours of the Apocalypse through Visual Music
    Terry Trickett

    Novel Designer Plastic Trumpet Bells for Brass Instruments
    David Gibson

    Approaches to Visualising the Spatial Position of Sound-objects
    Jamie Bullock & Balandino Di Donato


    Improving Animation Technology through Digital Transformation
    Lincoln Wallen (CTO, DreamWorks Animation, USA)

    Music and Multimedia

    One Stone for Hermione Levi
    Joe Osmond

    Performing the Super Instrument: Reaching Beyond Technical and Expressive Capabilities
    Maria Kallionpää

    Live Coding, Live Notation, Live Performance
    Richard Hoadley

    The Imaginary Friend, Crossing over Computer Game Scoring Techniques and Musical Expression
    Maria Kallionpää & Hans-Peter Gasselseder

    Music II

    The Musicians of Memory - Compositional Silence and the Audio-visuality of Sound
    Joe Osmond

    A Perceptually Motivated Visualisation Paradigm for Musical Timbre
    Sean Soraghan, Alain Renaud & Ben Supper

    What You Hear is Where You Are is What I Hear
    Hans-Peter Gasselseder

    The Arts

    Data Network Simulator with Classical Ballet
    Genevieve Smith-Nunes, Peter Cook, Camilla Neale & Paul Golz

    'Dissect the Insects': Transformative Experiences
    Dalia Yassine

    Research Workshop

    Periphery Vision: Data as image
    John Hillman

    Presence: An exploration of the real and veiled in museums and galleries
    Eva Iova

    Musealia - an artistic and documentary research project
    Michael Wechner, Ulrich Suter & Titus Eichenberger

    Drawing in Digital Platforms: A Study about the Buildings of Eduardo Souto de Moura and Eduardo de Almeida
    Gabriel Botasso & Simone Vizioli

    DDArtS: Towards designing digitally enhanced street art tools
    Paris Xyntarianos-Tsiropinas & Thomas Spyrou

    Methods of Ontological Remix
    Kira de Coudres

    Musealisation in Mobile Apps: A communitarian museum for Ilê Aiyê
    Rita Silva & Lidia Oliveria

    Atomic Memory and the Future Human
    Kristina Pulejkova

    Arts I

    Species Explorer: An interface for artistic exploration of multi-dimensional parameter spaces
    Andy Lomas

    Using New Media for Pratice-based Fine Arts Research in the Classroom
    Topher Maraffi


    Melting Pots: Berlin Digital meets Berlin Culture
    Andreas Bienert & Eva Emenlauer-Blömers (National Museums in Berlin & EVA Berlin, Germany)

    Arts II

    Digital Islamic Art: The use of digital technologies in contemporary Islamic art by artists in the UK
    Sara Choudhrey

    Movement Awareness through Emotion Based Aesthetic Visualisation
    Steve Dipaola, Sara Salevati, Kristin Carlson & Thecla Schiphorst

    Persketchtivity: An Intelligent Pen-Based Online Education Platform for Sketching Instruction
    Wayne Li, Ethan Hilton, Tracy Hammond & Julie Linsey

    Arts and Photography

    VENOMENON - A multilayered visual experience
    Elke E. Reinhuber

    Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Art of Lucio Fontana
    Agata Marta Soccini

    Alternative Cityscape Visualisation: Drone shooting as a new dimension in urban photography
    Murat Germen

    Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Emulate the Creativity of a Portrait Painter
    Steve Dipaola & Graeme McCaig

    Education and Museums

    Across Education and Interaction: How TEL and WELL can serve museums and their visitors
    Francesca Guerrera

    Design and the Creation of an Interactive Academic Space
    Cristina Portugal & Natalia Brunnet

    JourneyMap: Visualising the time-bound student journey
    Daniel Buzzo & Philip Phelps

    Virtual Reality Tour of the 'Focus of Favorites' Exhibition at the Gilcrease Museum
    Will Smith, Andy Couch, Robert Pickering & J. C. Diaz


    Context Engineering Experience Framework
    Carl Smith


    The System of Graphs in Music Harmony: A user interface for mobile learning game development
    Anna Shvets

    Whist: Dance theatre and Virtual Reality
    Esteban Fourmi, JiaXuan Hon & Aoi Nakamura

    Mathematics and the Arts

    Alan Turing: Virtuosity and visualisation
    Jonathan P. Bowen

    Growth: Visualisation of Predictive Mathematical Models using 3D Computer Graphics and Animation
    Dylan Gauld

    Poetry Beyond the Turing Test
    Wayne Clements


    The Museum Speaks - Your Narrative or Mine? The Museum in a Web 2.0 World
    Susan Hazan (The Israel Museum & EVA/Minerva Jerusalem, Israel)


    Using Data Visualisation to Tell Stories about Collections
    Olivia Vane, Stephen Boyd Davis & Florian Kräutli

    Between the Virtual and a Hard Place: The dilemma of digital art museums
    Helena Barranha

    Curating Digital Life and Culture: Art and information
    Tula Giannini & Jonathan P. Bowen

    Learning Computing Heritage through Gaming - whilst teaching digital development through history
    Jim Wood, Haiming Lui & Thomas Briggs

    Theory and Practice

    Posthumanism: The human body transition
    Anna Nazo

    Sublating Time: Hegel's speculative philosophy and digital aesthetics
    Gareth Polmeer

    Ask the Audience
    Sophy Smith


    Recoding Cities
    Luca M. Damiani

    Observing Collective Thought: Developing Social Media Tools for Real-time Awareness of Social Preoccupations
    Ian Willcock

    An Interactive Music Playlist Generator that Responds to User Emotion and Context
    Darryl Griffiths, Stuart Cunningham & Jonathan Weinel


    The Remarkably Difficult Psychology of Creative Visualisation
    Derek J. Smith

    Music and Dance

    The Trumpet Shall Sound: De-anonymising jazz recordings
    Janet Lazar & Michael Lesk

    A Practical Approach to Using Motion Capture in Performance Dance
    Paul Golz, Chris P. Bowers & Marc Price

    Exhibition and Digital Futures

    The Lumen Prize at EVA London 2016
    Nicholas Lambert (Chair, Computer Arts Society)

    Connect Digital Artworks
    Sean Clark

    3D LIDAR Rapid Prototype Relieft Model of the Jurassic Coast
    Jeremy Gardiner

    Real-time Messaging Platforms for Storytelling and Gamification in Museums: A case history in Milan
    Stefania Boiano, Pietro Cuomo & Giuliano Gaia