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    Doctoral Consortium
    Full Papers
    Interaction Gallery
    Position Papers
    WIP Submissions

    Doctoral Consortium

    A Framework for Public Bodies for Managing the Secure and Appropriate Release of Open Source Data
    Jane Henriksen-Bulmer

    Design Principles of Augmented Reality Focusing on the Ageing Population
    Sha Liang

    Rhythmic Haptic Cueing for Gait Rehabilitation of Neautological Conditions
    Theodoros Georgiou, Simon Holland & Janet van der Linden

    Self-Compassion, Psychological Resilience and Social Media Use in Thai Students
    Thanyalak Boonlue, Prof Pam Briggs & Dr. Elizabeth Sillence

    Understanding Severely Constraining Situational Impairmants when Accessing Mobile Technologies
    Sidas Saulynas

    Brain Controlled Cinema
    Richard Ramchurn

    E-Discovery: Towads a Narrative Representation Approach to Enhance Predictive Coding-based Review
    Kholod D. Alsufiani

    Improving User Interaction through a SmartDisability Framework
    Paul Whittington

    Enhancing Usability of Non-Trivial Online Forms through Modellling
    Aathira Majnu

    Semiotic Perception of Signs in Web Interfaces on Mobile Devices
    Waleed AINuwaiser & George Buchanan

    The Use of Technology to Provide Physical Interaction Experiences for Cognitively Able Young People who have Complex Physical Disabilities
    Mark Moseley

    Agile Search: A tool for searching apps easily on mobile by gesture
    Chi Zhang

    MAMI: A Modular Accessible Musical Instrument
    Asha Blatherwick

    Reading, Processing and Interacting with Hypertext on the Web
    Gemma Fitzsimmons, Mark J Weal & Denis Drieghe

    Persuasive Technology in Education: Motivating Individuals to Enter Higher Education
    Aamna Toor

    Full papers

    Tackling the Zombie Apocalypse: Sensemaking in Simulated Disaster Management
    Tom Duffy & Chris Baber

    Evaluating the Impact of a New Interactive Digital Solution for Collecting Care Quality In-formation for Residenial Homes
    Max Schubmann, Rebecca Sulley, Michael McHugh, Alex Lai & Neil Maiden

    Understanding the Privacy Design Space for Personal Connected Objects
    Alessandro Montanari, Afra Mashhadi, Akhil Mathur & Fahim Kawsar

    ShuttleKickers: Exploring Social Persuasions to Encourage Physical Activities
    Xipei Ren, Yuan Lu, Aarnout Brombacher & Tilde Bekker

    Cross-Platform Cross-Cultural User Experience
    Khalid Majrashi, Margaret Hamilton & Alexandra L. Uitdenbogerd

    Improving Human-Reviews Interaction: A Study of the Role, Use, and Place of Online Reviews
    Claudia Iacob & Shamal Faily

    Why Not Both? - Combining 2D Maps and 3D Space-time Cubes for Human Trajectory Data Visualization
    Tiago Goncalves, Ana Paula Afonso & Bruno Martins

    Developing and Evaluating Digital Creativity Support in Google Docs for Journalists
    Neil Maiden, Konstantinos Zachos, James Lockerbie, George Brock & Christopher Traver

    A SmartDisability Framework: Enhancing User Interaction
    Paul Whittington & Huseyin Dogan

    Assessing User Interface Aesthetics Based on the Inter-Subjectivity of Judgment
    Mathieu Zen & Jean Vanderdonckt

    A Comparison of Shortcut and Step-by-Step Adaptive Menus for Smartphones
    Sara Bouzit, Gaëlle Calvary, Denis Chêne & Jean Vanderdonckt

    Real-time Perception of Non-verbal Human Feedback in a Gaming Scenario
    Salah Al-Darraji, Zuhair Zafar & Karsten Berns

    Children's Lying Behaviour in Interactions with Personified Robots
    Mariana Serras Pereira, Yoeri Nijs, Suleman Shahid & Marc Swerts

    Social Media for Safety: Characterizing Online Interactions Between Citizens and Police
    Niharika Sachdeva, Ponnurangam Kumaraguru & Munmun De Choudhury

    Common Ground in Collaborative Intelligence Analysis: An Empircal Study
    Sean Xavier Laurence, Simon Attfield & Bob Fields

    Towards an Approach for Analysing External Representations Created During Sensemaking Using Generative Grammar
    Efeosasere Okoro & Simon Attfield

    Improving the Failure Understanding in Embedded Systems through Interactive Visual Support: An Evaluation Story
    Ragaad AlTarawneh, Shah Rukh Humayoun, Achim Ebert & Peter Liggesmeyer

    GiggleBat: Enhancing Playing and Outdoor Culture in Australian Children
    Omar Mubin, Mauricio Novoa, Joshua Forrester & Rahat Iqbal

    Healthcare Professionals Views on Technology to Support Older Adults Transitioning from Hospital to Home
    Julie Doyle, Niamh Caprani, Yusuke Komaba & Akihiro Inomata

    HCI, Policy and the Smart City
    Ding Wang

    The Trade-off Between Usability and Security in the Context of eGovernment: A Mapping Study
    Abdulla Alshamsi, Nikki Williams & Peter Andras

    Collaboration Contrainsts for Designers and Developers in an Agile Environment
    Alexander Jones, Volker Thoma & Gemma Newell

    Leveraging Wisdom of the Crowd for Decision Support
    Simo Hosio, Jorge Goncalves, Theodoros Anagnostpoulos & Vassilis Kostakos

    Playful Campaigning
    Paul Tennent, Nadia Pantidi & Steve Benford

    Correlating Cross-Platform Usability Problems with Eye Tracking Patterns
    Khalid Majrashi, Margaret Hamilton & Alexandra L. Uitdenbogerd

    Usability and Design of Personal Wearable and Portable Devices for Thermal Comfort in Shared Work Environments
    Katja Knecht, Nick Bryan-Kinns & Karen Shoop

    Using Behavioural Information to Help Owners Gather Requirements from their Dogs’ Responses to Media Technology
    I Hirskyj-Douglas & J C Read

    Understanding 3D Mid-Air Hand Gestures with Interactive Surfaces and Displays: A Systematic Literature Review
    Celeste Groenewald, Craig Anslow, Junayed Islam, Chris Rooney, Peter Passmore & William Wong

    Expressing Emotions as Emoticons for Online Intelligent Agents
    Kirsten A. Smith, Judith Masthoff & Nava Tintarev

    A Persuasive Social Actor for Activity Awareness in Learning Groups
    Reem Al Ashaikh, Stephanie Wilson & Sara Jones

    Perspectives on User Experience for a Nation-wide Senior Telehealth Program
    Inês Rodolfo, Nuno Correia, Carlos Duarte, Carlota Louro & Rui Almeida

    Rethinking Decision Making in Complex Work Settings: Beyond Human Cognition to the Social Landscape
    Nallini Selvaraj & Bob Fields

    Interaction Gallery

    Shadows of Light: the Art of Slow Interaction
    Alex May

    FALLING An interactive artwork for a real tree and its augmented shadow
    Florian Kühnle, Riccardo Torresi & Mani Sharma

    42Percent Noir - Animation by Pianist
    Shaltiel Eloul & Gil Zissu

    A New Jerusalem
    Michael Takeo Magruder

    Clews 2
    Stephen Bell

    George Hulm, Robert Poncelet, Vitor Rodrigues & Graham Donnelly

    The use of technology to provide physical interaction experiences for cognitively able young people who have complex physical disabilities
    Mark Moseley

    Faraday Waves
    Rob Godman, Sam Jury & Professor Stephen Morris

    Are You There: the relationship between film and screen
    Lizzie Sykes

    Connected Digital Artworks
    Sean Clark

    Position Papers

    Fusing system design and social science to reduce susceptibility to online influence
    Dr Emma Williams & Prof Adam Joinson

    Child-Centered Security
    John Dempsey, Brendan Cassidy & Gavin Sim

    Rare Occurrence: Exploring IoT, news media, calm interfaces and infrequent interactions
    John Mills, Tom Metcalfe, Mark Lochrie & Adrian Gradinar

    UX Research is Dead. Long live UX Research!
    Stephen Giff & Huseyin Dogan

    Bystander Privacy in Lifelogging
    Soumyadeb Chowdhury, Md Sadek Ferdous & Joemon M Jose

    Compost table - participatory design towards sustainability
    Emmi Parviainen, Ellinor Lagerstom & Preben Hansen

    Social Psychology: An under-used tool in Cybersecurity
    Helen Thackray, John McAlaney, Huseyin Dogan, Jacqui Taylor & Christopher Richardson

    Constructing Social Media Knowledge Graphs with Social Scientists
    John Paul Vargheese, Peter Travers, Jeff Pan, Kathryn Vincent, Claire Wallace & Anna Kabedeva

    Considering Health and Family Dynamics: How is Home Temperature Decided
    Germaine Irwin

    WIP submissions

    The Millennial Mum - Technology Use by New Mothers
    Dr Suzanne Prior

    Using Audio and Interference as Locative Art
    Jen Southern, Sam Thulin, Adrian Gradinar, Mark Lochrie, Paul Egglestone, Charles Quick & Elaine Speight

    Effective Pedagogical Agent Behaviour
    Xiaojie Zha & Marie-Luce Bourguet

    Ethical Hazards and Safeguards in Penetration Testing
    Shamal Failey, Claudia Iacob & Sarah Field

    Interactive Technology Solutions for Prisoners: An Environment where Sub-optimal User Interfaces can have Significant Impact?
    Kyle Boyd, Raymond Bond & Emer O'Kane

    A DigitalCAT: A Fusion of Creativity Assessment Theory and HCI
    Dr. Genevieve M. Cseh, Karl K. Jeffries, Dr. Mark Lochrie, Prof. Paul Egglestone & Allan A. Beattie

    Revealing Hidden Sounds through the Global Sound Movement
    Philip Michael Holmes, Paresh Parmer, Mark Lochrie & Paul Egglestone

    Perspectives on privacy in the use of online systems
    Meredydd Williams & Jason R. Nurse

    Crowd-sourcing Thermal (dis)Comfort
    Stephen Snow, Frederik Auffenberg & M.C. Schraefel

    Examining the Effects of Lighting Effects on Peripheral Devices for Visual User Notifications
    Brandon JS Scott, Huseyin Dogan & Nan Jiang

    Time critical? Does exposure time and brand information change users’ evaluations of website appeal
    Daniel Bradley & Prof. Siné McDougall

    Butterfleye: Supporting the Development of Accessible Web Applications for Users with Severe Motor-Impairment
    Alastair Chetcuti & Chris Porter

    Design for Distinct User Groups: A Case Study of User-Centered Methods
    Andrea Schneider, Michael Schmidt, Beat Vollenwyder & Eva Siegenthaler

    Human-Centered Specification Exemplars for Critical Infrastructure Environments
    Shamal Failey, Georgia Lykou, Anton Partridge, Dimitris Gritzalis, Alexios Mylonas & Vasilis Katos

    HATCH: Hack And Trick Capricious Humans - A Serious Game on Social Engineering
    Kristian Beckers, Sebastian Pape, Veronika Fries

    Structured Exploration of the User Experience of Mobile Applications
    Sameer Kharel & Mikael Fernström

    Eye Gaze in HMI to Design a Crane’s UI
    Jouh Yeong Chew, Koichi Ohtomi & Hiromasa Suzuki

    Persona-Driven Information Security Awareness
    Duncan Ki-Aries, Shamal Faily & Kristian Beckers

    Eye Gaze Interaction for Supporting Creative Work with Disabled Artists
    Dr Chris Creed

    ProSPer: a MOST model extension applied to persuasive interactive systems
    Alessandro Fenicio, Gaelle Calvary, Yann Laurillau & Jean Vanderdonckt

    Lifelogging User Study: Bystander Privacy
    Soumyadeb Chowdhury, Md Sadek Ferdous & Joemon M Jose

    “Thinking About Thinking Aloud”: An Investigation of Think-Aloud Methods in Usability Testing
    Obead Alhadreti & Pam Mayhew

    The Application of useless Japanese Inventions for Requirements Elicitation in Information Security
    Anton Partridge & Shamal Faily

    A “Soft” Approach to Analysing Mobile Financial Services Socio-Technical Systems
    Stephen Ambore, Christopher Richardson, Huseyin Dogan. Edward Apeh & David Osselton

    Design of a Videogame to Explore Morality
    Sarah Hodge, Jacqui Taylor, John McAlaney & Christos Gatzidis

    Dimension of Non-Trivial Online Forms
    Aathira Majnu, Dr. Chris Bates & Dr. Chris Roast


    Human-Centred Design for Intelligent Environments
    Hamid Bouchachia, Huseyin Dogan, Nan Jiang & Stephen Giff

    A Principle-Based Transparency Framework for Intelligent Environments
    Mohsen Amiribesheli, Mahmood Hosseini & Hamid Bouchachia

    Wearable Tech: Why Architectures Matter
    Barry Kirby, Amanda Kirby & Jamie-Lee Birch

    A Literature Review on the Design of Smart Homes for People with Dementia Using a User-Centred Design Approach
    Parisa Raei & Abdelhamid Bouchachia

    Human-Like Computing and Human-Computer Interaction
    Alan Dix

    Collaborative HCI and UX: Longitudinal Diary Studies as a means of Uncovering Barriers to Digital Adoption
    Jessica Blaynee, Dr David Kreps, Dr Maria Kutar & Dr Marie Griffiths

    A User-Centred Design Approach Towards Developing an Intelligent Living Environment for Honeybees
    Gordon Hunter, Donald Howard & Olga Duran

    The 1st HCI and Digital Health Forum: Technologies and Business Opportunities between China and UK: Workshop at British HCI 2016
    Biao Zeng & Zhenyu Wang

    Ubiquitous Gaming Interaction Design Workshop
    Wen Tang, Christos Gatzidis & Feng Tian

    Code Lab - A Game That Teaches High Level Programming Languages
    Robert White, Feng Tian & Peter Smith

    MathRun: An Adaptive Mental Arithmetic Game Using A Quantitative Performance Model
    Long Chen & Wen Tang

    Scale Model Games (SMG): An Introduction to a New Type of Game Play
    Alain Simons, Karsten Pedersen, Hasan Abdulaziz & Davide Melacca

    A novel audio based approach to game control to encourage musical instrument practice
    Jon Edwin Cobb