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    Monday 10 July 2017

    Pre-Conference Symposium

    Tuesday 11 July 2017

    Books and Publishing
    Museums and Social Media
    Big Data and Visualisation
    Research Workshop
    Lumen Sonic
    Demonstrations 1
    Demonstrations 2

    Wednesday 12 July 2017

    Virtual Art
    Neuroscience and Therapy
    Demonstrations 3
    Post-human Bodies and Generative Systems
    Demonstrations 4
    Virtual Perception
    Mapping Digital Art
    Interdiciplinary Creativity
    Demonstrations 5
    Demonstrations 6

    Thursday 13 July 2017

    Imaging for Heritage
    VR and Art
    Demonstrations 7
    Internet Art
    Immersion and Moving Image
    Final Plenary and Lumen Panel
    Digital Futures: Lumen Big Reveal

    Pre-Conference Symposium

    Coded Communication: Digital Senses and Aesthetics, Merging Art and Life
    Jonathan P. Bowen, Tula Giannini & Gareth Polmeer


    Smart Cities and Cultural Heritage - A Review of Developments and Future Opportunities
    Ann Borda & Jonathan P. Bowen

    Classifying Ancient West Mexican Ceramic Figures Using Three-Dimensional Modelling and Machine Learning
    Julia Forrester-Sellers, Alfredo Velasco, Robert Pickering & J C Diaz

    Generating 3D Models of Paintings through the Combination of 2D, 3D and RTI Data
    Xavier Aure, Paul O'Dowd & Joseph Padfield


    Perspective from Antiquity to the Present
    Kim Veltman

    Books and Publishing

    Meggendorfer online - Animating Movable Books
    Marius Hug

    Marina Sparvoli, Candy Tenorio, Mario Gazziro & João Paulo Gois

    Voices from the Savannah: An Innovative Approach to Self Publishing
    Graham Diprose, Gary Roberts & Amalia Toyas

    Museums and Social Media

    Life in Code and Digits: When Shannon met Turing
    Jonathan P. Bowen & Tula Giannini

    Crowdsourcing - The Real People behind the Crowd
    Nicole Graf

    Digital Agents: How Can Museums Participate in Digital Activism and what are the Tensions therein?
    Conni Rosewarne

    Big Data and Visualisation

    Live Demonstration of Using Big Data sources in Artistic Practice
    Steven Aishman

    Understanding Textual Uncertainty in Dates Using Interactive Timelines
    Sam Cottrell

    Which Entry is More Similar? A Non-linear Visualisation of Query Results in Image Retrieval and Image Recognition Problem
    Joanna Gancarczyk & Anna Olszewska

    Research Workshop

    The Unseen Water: Experimentation with Scientific Photomicrography and Creative Coding
    Anastasia Tyurina

    Divesting Control to the Machine in Digital Art
    Fabio Morreale

    Social Media Platforms as Artistic Medium
    Steven Aishman

    Presentation and Contextualisation in the Online Archive of Internet Art
    Lozana Rossenova

    Public Interactive Art: Environmental Challenges
    Aphra Shemza

    Lumen Sonic

    Signal: A Systems-based Creative Collaboration
    Sean Clark & Esther Rolinson

    Sonic City
    Bhakti Duran, Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo, Brian Smith & Echo Zhao

    A Hidden Order: Exploring the Relationship of Music and Art through Geometry
    Sama Mara

    Rainy Garden
    Annie Sungkajun & Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo

    Demonstrations 1

    Artivity: Documenting Digital Art Practice
    Athanasios Velios, Sebastian Faubel & Moritz Eberl

    Virtual Worlds for Facilitating Urban Development Dialogue
    Frauke Zeller, David Harris Smith, John Eyles, Débora Silva de Jesus, Lauren Dwyer, Daven Biglow & Emily Eyles

    The Megafobia V-armchair Thrill-seeking Experience for Older Audiences - An Artistic Intervention at Age UK Barnet
    Brendan Walker & Marianne Markowski

    Lucid Self
    Steve DiPaola & Sara Feldman (Salevati)


    The Errant Space - The Reshaping of Place through the Visualisation of Ambient Environmental Audio
    Alan Dunning

    How Might Generative Art be a Proposition for Cross Curricular Learning in Schools
    Graham Newman

    Demonstrations 2

    Precious, Tiny and Shiny: Close-range Photogrammetry for Artists and Others
    Naomi Dines

    inTouch Wearables: Aesthetic Design of Remote Touch in Child-Parent Relationships
    Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo, Annie Sungkajun & Meghan Cook


    Harmony, the Union of Music and Art
    Sama Mara

    Visualising the Multimedia Archives of Bourges's Institute of Electro-acoustic Music
    Florent Di Bartolo

    Sonic Xplorer: A Machine Learning Approach for Parametric Exploration of Sound
    Augoustinos Tsiros


    Exploiting Trauma as an Artistic Medium
    Sean Rogg

    Virtual Art

    The Process of Transferring a Draft Sketch from Small to Large Scale in order to Create Street Artworks: A Case Study Supported by the 'DDArtS
    Paris Xyntarianos Tsiropinas, Kostas Bailas & Thomas Spyrou

    A Framework for Hybrid Multimodal Performances
    Shannon Cuykendall, ProphecySun, Reese Muntean, Thecla Schiphorst & Steve DiPaola

    Neuroscience and Therapy

    Rehabilitating Experience: Designing an Aesthetic and Movement-based Game for Physical Therapy
    Kimberly Hobby, Kristin Carlson & Dane Wheaton

    The Parallels between the Study of Cross-modal Correspondence and the Design of Cross-Sensory Mappings
    Augoustinos Tsiros

    Art, Design and Neurodiversity
    Luca M. Damiani

    Demonstrations 3

    Upside Down
    Bhakti Duran & Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo

    Dimensioning 1,2,3
    Chiara Passa

    Embodied Data and Digital Fabrication: Demonstration with Code and Materials
    Scott Kidall

    Post-human Bodies and Generative Systems

    This is Where We Are - Collectively Living, Working and Being, with and through Predictive Algorithms
    Birgitte Aga & Mike Phillips

    Data Body Trader: Identity Augmentation and Post-Biological Organ Trade
    Julian Stadon

    The Future Human: Exploring Posthuman Aesthetics through Digital and Immersive Technologies
    Kristina Pulejkova

    Working with Generative Systems: An Artistic Perspective
    Jon McCormack


    Tools for Designing Experience: Repurposing Design Resources for the Emerging Experience Economy
    Ian Willcock

    Drawing Out Ideas: Computer Models, Artworks and the Generation of Knowledge
    Jonathan Michaels

    Design and Visual Arts for Digital Literature
    Cristina Portugal

    Demonstrations 4

    Berlin Remix
    Jim Bizzocchi, Arne Eigenfeldt, Phillippe Pasquier, Jianyu Fan & Le Fang

    Virtual Perception

    Paper to Screen Migration and its Possible Impact on Photography
    Julian Hawkins

    Visions of an Imagined Venice Suspended Between Memories and New Possibilities
    Enrico Pietrogrande, Alessandro Dalla Caneva & Nicola Sartorello

    Natural Media
    Carl H Smith, Jazz Rasool, Nick Lambert, Robert Pepperell, Tony Langford, Lena Korkovelou & Alistair Burleigh

    Mapping Digital Art

    City Verve Internet of Things Demonstrator: City Verve Commisions: Manchester's Plinth
    Tom Jefferies & Jane Anderson

    Mapping Spaces: Three-Dimensional Visualization and Design in Landscape Architecture
    Kelly Hamilton

    The Portrait Machine
    David Upton

    Interdiciplinary Creativity

    Considerations for the Design of Composite 3D Printed 'Intermediate Level' Trumpets
    David Gibson, Adam Spry & Matthew Pope

    The Creative Mind - DRACLE
    Raffaella Folgieri, Ludovico Dei Cas, Dario Dei Cas, Maria Elide Vanutelli & Claudio Lucchiari

    Engagement with Artificial Intelligence through Natural Interaction Models
    Sara Feldman (Salevati), Steve DiPaola & Ozge Nilay Yalcin

    Ragtime: Glimpses of Akbar's Court at Fatehpur Sikri
    Terry Trickett

    Demonstrations 5

    Psychasthenia 3: Dupes
    Joyce Rudinsky & Victoria Szabo

    Dirty Nature: Aesthetics and Ecology in Contemporary Art and Animation Exploring the Anthropocene
    Joseph Norman

    Touchscreen User Interface Design for Content Based Image Retrieval
    Joanna Gancarczyk & Anna Olszewska

    Demonstrations 6

    Curating in the Gap: Inhabiting the Digital Space
    Heidi M. Aishman


    The Augmented Selfie
    Carla Gannis

    The Making of a Digital (Master) Piece
    Rachel Ara

    Artistic Interpretation of a Malaria Transmission Scenario
    Vicky Isley & Paul Smith


    The Engagement of Digital Art with Contemporary Art
    Bruce Wands

    Imaging for Heritage

    Within the Medieval Perspectival Image: New Methods Old Art
    J. Kirk Irwin

    Reflectance Transformation Imaging and ImageJ: Comparing Imaging Methodologies for Cultural Heritage Artefacts
    David Saunders, Richard Collmann & Ann Borda

    Photogrammetry in Depth: Revealing HMS Hampshire
    Chris Rowland & Kari Hyttinen

    VR and Art

    Embodied Interactions with a Sufi Dhikr Ritual: Negotiating Privacy and Transmission of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 'Virtual Sama'
    Aynur Kadir, Ozge Nilay Yalcin, Kate Hennessy & Steve DiPaola

    View to the Past
    Irene Brown

    Framework for a Bio-Responsive VR for Interactive Real-time Environments and Interactives
    Meehae Song & Steve DiPaola

    Demonstrations 7

    Through the Aleph: A Glimpse of the World in Real Time
    Jing Zhou

    It Would be a Pleasure: Augmented Reality and Engagement in a Heritage Context
    Liam Noah Jefferies

    Internet Art

    MozEx: Web? Arts? Tech? Experience?
    Irini Papadimitriou & Luca M. Damiani

    Autonomous Meridian Sensory Response - From Internet Subculture to AudioVisual Therapy
    Diego Garro

    Mini-XEPA: A Installation of Collaborating Intelligent Light and Sound Sculptures
    Philip Galanter

    Immersion and Moving Image

    Virtual Environments before Pixels: Yayoi Kusama's impact on Virtual Reality
    Agata Marta Soccini

    [pain]Byte VR Storytelling & Classical Ballet
    Genevieve Smith-Nunes & Camila Neale

    Poetry Inspired, Physics Driven, Experimental Animation
    Harvey Goldman

    Final Plenary and Lumen Panel

    Co-Creation: Human & AI Collaboration in Creative Expression
    Sara Feldman (Salevati)

    Low Cost Heritage Imaging Techniques Compared
    Moshe Caine & Michael Magen

    Digital Futures: Lumen Big Reveal

    Digital Futures: Lumen Big Reveal
    Irini Papadimitriou, Jack Addis, Andy Lomas, Laura Dekker, Karl Singporwala & Patrick Tresset


    The Time Machine: A Multiscreen Generative Video Artwork
    Daniel Buzzo

    Fractured Perspectives: Movement and Light
    Shannon Cuykendall, Steve DiPaola, Reese Muntean, Prophecy Sun

    Anastasia Tyurina


    Natural Media Workshop
    Carl H Smith, Jazz Rasool, Nick Lambert, Robert Pepperell, Tony Langford & Kim Veltman