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    5th International Symposium for ICS & SCADA Cyber Security Research 2018 (ICS-CSR 2018)

    29 - 30 August 2018, University of Hamburg, Germany.

    Follow the appropriate links below to access the papers in this session.

    CPS Security Assessment using automatically generated attack trees
    Wouter Depamelaere, Laurens Lemaire, Jan Vossaert & Vincent Naessens

    SAMIIT: Spiral Attack Modal in IIoT Mapping Security Alerts to Attack Life Cycle Phases
    Amin Hassanzadeh & Robin Burkett

    Efficient Passive ICS Device Discovery and Identification by MAC Address Correlation
    Matthias Niedermaier, Thomas Hanka, Sven Plaga, Alexander von Bodisco & Dominik Merli

    A Two-level Intrusion Detection System for Industrial Control System Networks using P4
    Gorby Kabasele Ndonda & Ramin Sadre

    Cyber security analysis of Web-of-Cells energy architectures
    Robert Terruggia, Giovanna Dondossola & Mathias Ekstedt

    Identifying S7comm Protocol Data Injection Attacks in Cyber-Physical Systems
    Oliver Eigner, Philipp Kreimel & Paul Tavolato

    PSP: A Framework to Allocate Resources to Power Storage Systems under Cyber-Physical Attacks
    Yatin Wadhawan, Clifford Neuman & Anas AlMajali

    Investigating Current PLC Security Issues Regarding Siemens S7 Communication and TIA Portal
    Henry Hui & Kieran McLaughlin

    Optimizing Blockchain for data integrity in Cyber Physical Systems
    K. Koumidis, P. Kolios & C G Panayiotou

    On the Edge Realtime Intrusion Prevention System for DoS Attack
    Rishabh Das, Vineetha Menon & Thomas H. Morris

    An Open Framework for Deploying Experimental SCADA Testbed Networks
    Peter Maynard, Kieran McLaughlin & Sakir Sezer

    PLCBlockMon: Data Logging and Extraction on PLCs for Cyber Intrusion Detection
    Mislav Findrik, Paul Smith, Kevin Quill & Kieran McLaughlin

    Bro in SCADA: dynamic intrusion detection policies based on a system model
    Justyna J. Chromik, Anne Remke & Boudewijn R. Haverkort