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    Browse the conference papers here

    The Posthuman Poetics of Instagram Poetry
    Jeneen Naji

    Checking Creativity: Machines, Media and Mathematics in Early Computer, Serial and Conceptual Art
    Michael Rottmann

    On the Cruelty of Computational Reasoning
    Alexander Hogan, Kevin Hogan & Christian Tilt

    Atmospheric Media: How they Enable a Pre-reflective and Embodied Mode of Perception
    Desiree Förster

    Playing Ourselves into Feudalism: The Politics and Ethics of Playful Automation
    Miguel Sicart & Martin Pichlmair

    Body Horror 2.0
    Ian Haig

    Photography: Artist Penny and Machine
    Yanai Toister

    Patented Patterns: On the art and science of patterns. A critical inquiry
    Tincuta Heinzel

    Towards a Technogenic Affordance
    Stefan Palitov

    How Will We Breathe Tomorrow?
    Jessica Broscheit, Susanne Draheim & Kai von Luck

    The Burst of the Latent: Politics of mobile connectivity
    Hassan Choubassi

    A Hundred Thousand Lousy Cats (exploring drawing, AI and creativity)
    Barbara Rauch & Michelle Gay

    Cave Paintings for the AI: Art in the Age of Singularity
    Kasperi Mäki-Reinikka

    The Figure of Cyborg as 'Political Hauntology'
    Artyom Kolganov

    The Ethical Value of LAI in Social Robotics
    James W. Besse & Rosangela Barcaro Ph.D

    Black Box Feed-back: The Politics of Machines in Early Nordic Media Art
    Morten Søndergaard

    The Techno-­Ecological Practice as the Politics of Ontological Coalitions
    Anna Nacher

    Emotional Resonance: An Interactive Installation Controlled by Biometric Data
    Claudia Livia & Katrin Wolf

    The Dawn of the Dead: (Improbable) Art After AI-Zombie Apocalypse
    Konrad Wojnowski

    Cyborgism: Artistic Hybridizations of Human Perception
    Camilla Jaller

    Temporal Irritations of Code in Ben Lerner’s Mean Free Path poems
    Nathan Jones

    Embracing the Temporal Deterioration of Digital Audio: A Manifesto
    Thomas Grill, Till Bovermann & Almut Schilling

    Enacting the Soft Automaton: Empirical Ontologies of Two Soft Robots from Technical Research and Media Art
    Jonas Jørgensen

    Micro, Meso, and Macro Data Collection and Analysis, as a Method for Speculative and Artistic Exploration
    Stavros Didakis

    Photography, Fungi and Social Ontologies: Wolfgang Tilmans’s Neue Welt
    Sara R. Yazdani

    Cosmic Slop: Possibilities of Alien Futures (From the Past)
    Lina Nasr El Hag Ali & A. T. Kingsmith

    BDSMR: Velcro as a Sensory Material and Erotic Interface
    Nolan Lem

    Technical Sensibility: On sexual and technical performance
    Ana María Guzmán Olmos

    The Art of Questioning Lethal Vision: Mosse’s Infra and Militarized Machine Vision
    Rune Saugmann

    The Spectrality of Nuclear Catastrophe: The Case of Chernobyl
    Agnieszka Jelewska & Michal Krawczak

    See and be seen - Objects and subjects
    Augusto Zubiaga & Lourdes Cilleruelo

    I Feel You: What makes algorithmic experience personal?
    Ivan Yamshchikov & Alexey Tikhonov

    Speculative Sound Circuits
    John Richards

    On the concept of recognition in Media Art: Emotional reactions, empathetic interactions
    Aleksandra Kaminska

    Inserting new concepts into a traditional arts school: The University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, Romania
    Andrei Budescu, Diana Drăgan-Chirilă & Oana Gui

    Delete ‘Persons’, Insert ‘Information Processing Systems’: Art and the machinistic discourse of computationalism
    Katsiaryna Suryna & Rodrigo Guzman Serrano

    Transplanting Subjectivities
    Paola Barreto Leblanc

    Flesh Machine - Vision Machine - War Machine
    Catherine Bernard

    Partaker Agency: Entanglement of agencies in artworks by Bekirovic and Abramović
    Saskia Isabella & Maria Korsten

    Becoming Cyborg: Interdisciplinary Approaches for Exoskeleton Research
    Elizabeth Jochum, Louis-Philippe Demers, Bill Vorn, Evgenios Vlachos, Paul McIlvenny & Pirkko Raudaskoski

    [multi’vocal]: Reflections on Engaging Everyday People in the Development of a Collective Non-Binary Synthesized Voice
    Stina Hasse Jørgensen, Alice Emily Baird, Frederik Tollund Juutilainen, Mads Pelt & Nina Cecilie Højholdt

    The Living Language Project
    Ori Elisar

    Gaming the System: Practices against the algorithmic makeover of everyday life
    Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath

    The Limits of Algorithmic Perception: technological Umwelt
    Rosemary Lee

    From Sex Toys to Pleasure Objects
    Vanessa Carpenter, Sarah Homewood, Majken Overgaard & Stefanie Wuschitz

    The Captive Portal as Artistic Opportunity and Ascetic Project
    Dave Evans

    Ether Island: Investigating sound movement correlations in a generative interactive installation
    Andrey Bundin & Natalia Fedorova

    Robotic Art and Cultural Imagination
    Bojana Romic

    The Machine as Myth
    Andreas Broeckmann

    Aeolian Artefacts
    Juan Carlos Duarte Regino