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    REEQOS: An RSVP-TE approach for the End-to-End QoS provisioning within MPLS Domains

    Second International Workshop on Verification and Evaluation of Computer and Communication Systems (VECoS 2008)

    Leeds, UK, 2 - 3 July 2008


    Ali El Kamel and Habib Youssef


    This paper exposes a new approach, denoted REEQOS, for supporting QoS both in intra and inter-domain, generally named autonomous system (AS)[RFC 1771]. This approach is based firstly on MPLS technology and uses RSVP-TE extension (RFC 3209) for establishing two kinds of Label switched paths: I-LSP (Internal LSP) within every AS and E-LSP (External LSP) for inter AS routing. RSVP-TE is used in a local way (intra-domain level) to make pre-established LSPs that will be stored on a specific Database named LSPDB. The state of these LSPs is placed and updated periodically in another specific Database named LSPSDB. The same principle of managing LSPs is performed as well on internal environment as on external environment. Hence, we denote internal databases respectively I-LSPDB and I-LSPSDB and external ones respectively E-LSPDB an E-LSPSDB. REEQOS gives a way to support failure handling and explores RSVP-TE capability to define LSP recovery and resources re-optimization mechanisms. Accordingly to simulation results, REEQOS is proved to be an efficient approach for supporting End-to-End QoS without worry about heterogeneous crossed domains.


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