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    Prometheus - the distributed digital image archive for research and education goes international!

    Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2008)

    London, UK, 22 - 24 July


    Lisa Dieckmann


    Prometheus is a distributed digital image archive for Art history, Archeology and Cultural Sciences. It connects image databases (47 as of May 2008), which differ in structure, volume and content, and renders these images (over 520.000 as of May 2008) accessible for research and education. A comfortable search interface for image-browsing and different sorting facilities make it easy to find and arrange individual images. Furthermore, two important co-operations are now facilitating the management of the reproduction rights. Thanks to recent technological improvement prometheus will from now on be an interesting research tool for users all over the world. Non-German speakers can fill in English terms when consulting the archive and get impressive results.


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