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    Haute Couture, Haute Cuisine, Haute Games

    Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2008)

    London, UK, 22 - 24 July


    Maggie Parker, Clive Fencott and Paul van Schaik


    Computer games provide a unique opportunity to experience intangible fantasies and create engagement with emotions which are able to be played out in real-life. Artists speak of engagement, computer game players speak of transformation and immersion. They are all viewing images with their own personal narratives informing their participation. These personal narratives arise from the information provided by the participant's self and self-identity. Artists and game players are modding games to suit their own purposes, creating new types of 'Haute Games' in a similar style to 'Haute Cuisine' or 'Haute Couture'. The importance of alternative computer-game genres which allow personal blendings for game players has been investigated and identified.


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