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    Full Synopsis

    People and Computers XXII
    Culture, Creativity, Interaction

    Proceedings of HCI 2008
    The 22nd British HCI Group Annual Conference
    Liverpool John Moores University, UK.

    1 - 5 September 2008

    HCI2008 Culture, Creativity, Interaction is the 22nd running of the Interaction group’s annual conference. The conference continues the evolution of HCI as it reaches out to other disciplines. Interaction has become more than ubiquitous; it has become embedded in our social fabric with millions taking part in, for example, social networking. Thus the ubiquity of interaction is not only physical; it is also social, cultural, ethical and moral: impacting on our daily lives in ever increasing ways.

    Our reaction to that as researchers must be to leave our labs and engage with those who are creating new forms of interaction. This year HCI 2008 takes place in Liverpool, European Capital of Culture 2008. There are many events happening in the city raising questions about interaction and technology. Within this volume we explore the full range of areas of interest to HCI researchers and practitioners. We begin with culture and role of the digital in culture. We look at the visual experience of users. We also look at the experience of those need assistance with or by technology.

    Turning to ourselves we look at issues of methods and how we carry out HCI research and practice. Issues of privacy are a common concern and they are reflected here. The growth of information sometimes leaves us gasping: how do we make sense of it all? And how do we cope with demanding tasks? All papers were reviewed by five external reviewers matched against the expertise of the volunteers listed in the volume. We acknowledge their efforts in contributing to the academic quality of the conference.

    Papers were then subject to a further round of meta-reviewing before recommendations were presented to the Programme Committee. The authors and the reviewers were drawn from many countries, marking the international nature of the HCI series of conferences. We trust that you will find the selected papers enjoyable, interesting and relevant to your own work, and agree with us that they mark the steady and continued progress in the knowledge based of HCI. We look forward to a conference full of Culture, Creativity and Interaction and for this theme to resonate throughout HCI for years to come.


    PDF fileHCI08 Volume 1 - Preface
    PDF fileHCI08 Volume 1 - Reviewers List
    PDF fileHCI08 Volume 1 - Programme Committee
    PDF fileHCI08 Volume 2 - Preface
    PDF fileHCI08 Volume 2 - Reviewers List
    PDF fileHCI08 Volume 2 - Programme Committee


    Conference Introduction

    HCI 2008: People and Computers XXII Culture, Creativity, Interaction (cover)

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